Contempt versus Contempt

Attorney General Barr was held in contempt today by the House Judiciary Committee for not doing something he is legally forbidden from doing, according to a law passed by Congress. The law states that knowingly violating the rules pertaining to grand jury secrecy may be "punished as contempt of court."

There's a rock and a hard place for you: choose either contempt of Congress or contempt of court. Barr made the right decision, though, because Congress in the current moment merits contempt. My former Congressman says as much himself.


james said...

I gather that contempt of Congress is a crime, but contempt for Congressmen is, if not a duty, an almost inevitable sentiment.

You can probably think of exceptions.

Grim said...

Not many. Dan Crenshaw.

Texan99 said...

Barr said a while back he wouldn't be bullied. I suspect they'll find out he meant it, as he appears to mean everything he says. Congress understandably is flummoxed by that aspect of his character.

ymarsakar said...

Catch 22. The Inquisition would have loved it.

Congress are just bought and paid for hacks and tools. They aren't that important. 9/11 could have nuked the White House and the entirety of DC, not much of a loss to us.