John Kerry and the Logan Act

Way back in 2004, when this blog was still young, I wrote a piece on John Kerry breaking the Logan Act. At that time I didn't realize that the Logan Act was a dead letter, nor that John Kerry's entire career was built on Logan Act violations and, indeed, outright treason in Paris when he met with the North Vietnamese to negotiate, while a serving naval officer, without the permission of his chain of command. Even then I knew Kerry wouldn't be prosecuted for it.

Sally Q. Yates apparently knew something else, because she used the Logan Act to go after Michael Flynn and George Papadapolous. The Mueller report scuttles the law, though, making clear that it is a baseless and probably unconstitutional law that has never been enforced in 200 years.

Today President Trump stated that John Kerry should probably be prosecuted, because he's actively working to prevent diplomatic engagement between the United States and Iran. Well, he won't be. The man has made his whole life out of this particular sort of perfidy. In just this way he rose to Senator, Secretary of State, and almost -- very nearly -- President of the United States. Treason prospers.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

ymarsakar said...

I did say at the time, around 2004, that it was not the last time we had seen of Kerry, even though people were partying it up at the election victory thinking they had gotten rid of him.

I knew better.

Once I began to realize the extent of the Leftist alliance's connections to the Deep State, conspiracy, mafia, mob like, criminal organization, also known as a secret combination to murder and steal, Kerry's fate would certainly be better than most Republicans expected in 2005.