Defend / Defeat

If you didn't read the essay "Defend America -- Defeat Multiculturalism" when I linked it a week or so ago, you might want to before it's gone. Google has demanded the essay's removal from the internet.


ymarsakar said...

Google, FB, the usual crowd, has been ordered to suppress vaccination safety activism. The media calls them "anti vaxxers".

They have also been ordered to suppress Flat Earth Theory.

ymarsakar said...

The Marxists were right that the stupid capitalists would sell them the rope that will be used to hang the capitalists.

Just look at how much money gullible Americans gave to Google, Facebook. These are "services" that make money from capitalizing on the content of the human/American serf/slave combo. They don't actually create the content, the people and masses do. Then they "manage" the masses as livestock.

It is classic Marxism and Bolshevism at work. Just in a kind of Babylonian tatto ID on your hand version of electronic identification. They make the trains run on time at least.

douglas said...

That was worth putting up twice.