Georgia to Enact "Heartbeat" Bill

Governor Kemp has decided to sign the "Heartbeat" legislation passed by the Georgia legislature. He'll sign it tomorrow, though it won't go into effect right away due to the way Georgia law operates. The law intends to ban abortion once a heartbeat is detected in the child; it will of course immediately be challenged in court once it comes into effect, and we'll see what becomes of that.

Planned Parenthood is protesting tomorrow, also of course. I notice that their new banner features a hijabi as the central figure, which is remarkable. Islamic opinions on abortion are generally moderate compared to American positions, holding neither that abortion should be always forbidden nor, as Planned Parenthood would have it, permissable to the moment of birth (or even after). But this is just left-leaning virtue signalling, not theology; Planned Parenthood wants to signal support for diversity as well as abortion.


J Melcher said...

Left-ish feminists, generally, don't adhere to the Roe v Wade determinations,

Roe v Wade (TL:DR shorter version here: held that states CAN outlaw abortion in the third "trimester". This was affirmed in Casey v Planned Parenthood in which SCOTUS made clear states have rights and powers to protect the life of the fetus as well as the life (mental health?) of the mother.

The big thing is that SCOTUS rules that "one size fits all" rules applying to all states don't work.

ymarsakar said...

At least Georgia has a clue.