It is?

@Comey: "Reasonable," "totally normal step" to plant undercover sources in a political campaign.
Was that supposed to be reassuring, hoss?


raven said...

This is interesting old history- 1994- about the contras, black ops weapon manufacturing, cocaine, Clinton while Gov. of Arkansas, Bush 1, and his sons-
And the persecution of a whistleblower.

The gist is the author, a high end machine tool salesman , former Air Force, had gotten a call from domestic intelligence about illegal Japanese tool sales (nuke development capability) to NK. They wanted him to run a sting. This was resolved with prosecution of the offending firm. All fine so far.
A few years later, he got another call- his expertise was desired to set up a black ops M16 manufacturing plant to arm the contras with unmarked guns. And that is where the body of the book is.

I do not have the background knowledge to validate the book as factual. Good read in any case.

now back to topic-
The author said he had info foreign intelligence agents were convinced there had been a silent coup and the US agencies were running the show here, not elected officials. Good reason to have a source in the campaign...

Texan99 said...

I just ordered a copy of "Compromised" on your recommendation, Raven.

Grim said...

Hm. I have had occasion to know several of the Iran-Contra crew. Unfortunately not all of them are still around, or I could just ask how accurate the book is. But the story about setting up an M16 factory to produce unmarked guns sounds plausible to me. Dewey Clarridge liked technical solutions, and he liked hand-made solutions -- he mined the harbor of Nicaragua with homemade mines. Got us hauled into the World Court, but Reagan didn't care about that. Reagan cared about whipping the commies anytime they poked their heads up in the Americas.

ymarsakar said...

What would be the point of having unmarked M16s... it's not like the Chinese and Soviets were copying them at the time, because they were too plastic and too precise.

If they wanted to hide it, they would have had chinese made and reverse engineered kalashinkovs. It's like the CIA has one layer, designed to setup America for the fall, and then there's another White hat and Black hat layer around the other onion layers.

There's an entire Byzantine faction fight going on in the US, which had nothing to do with Turf, sharing funding, competition, or patriotism.