Odd, I Haven't Heard Much About That

A school shooter in Colorado turns out to be a "juvenile female, transitioning to male." Or, as the UK Metro puts it, a "schoolboy."
Sources told the station that the unnamed boy’s motive went ‘beyond bullying and involved revenge and anger towards others at the school,’ adding ‘that at least one of the suspects was involved in legal and illegal drug use and had been in therapy.’
Yes, well, the legal drugs will have been hormone injections -- testosterone, especially. What might be the psychological effects of injecting lots and lots of testosterone into someone who is already unstable enough to feel they need "therapy," and who also uses illegal drugs?


Eric Blair said...

Basically an accident waiting to happen.

Some years ago I read an item by another trans-man, about their absolute astonishment and bewilderment at how it felt to be on testosterone.

Sort of along the lines of "OMG, men feel like this all the time??"

That said, read about it now, because it's going down the memory hole pretty quick.

ymarsakar said...

Human shenanigans at it again. Not something I was part of nor did I contribute to it.

I told people they should have killed off those American traitors, years ago. But people don't want to listen to me, which is fine with me and up to their own free will. But free will means you have to deal with the consequences in the world. Free does not mean Satan gives up his prosecution case before the Divine Assembly of elohim, before the seat of the Most High.

When humans transgress the Divine Will, as free will was intended to facilitate, the Test has already begun.