Beautiful, Warlike Music

The 1982 Conan the Barbarian movie transcends its genre at times, and in several ways, but never more than in the beauty of the score.

Someone made a good decision in hiring a real composer to write a real composition. It raises the movie -- sometimes good, often clever, sometimes silly -- fully into the realm of art.


Texan99 said...

I've always liked the movie and the music, especially the 3/4-time piece that starts around 1:04:00.

Love the thief companion who yells "Do you want to live forever?"

Grim said...

That is Valeria, who in the books is a female pirate who shared a crew with Conan. He followed her into the jungles when she abandoned the crew after killing a fellow member who wouldn't leave off improper advances.

In the books, though, Valeria isn't the woman who comes back from the dead to fight at his side. That is Belit, also a female pirate but a much wilder and more bloodthirsty one. She is also "Shemitish," i.e. a Semite, so the same sort of person as someone of Arab/Jewish extraction but long before those categories existed. Valeria in the books finds Conan acceptable eventually as a companion, but Belit loves Conan intensely (as she does everything, intensely).

ymarsakar said...

That is a pretty good composition. A lot of the reasons I like Japanese original works is that they take Art to a good level by combining visual, auditory, and written formats.

I do believe that is the first time I have heard it.

Grim said...

Well, then, you should watch the movie. There's much to praise in it, in spite of its occasionally silly elements.

ymarsakar said...

No need to watch a movie for spiritual wisdom, enlightenment, or entertainment. I get enough of that on Earth with the Divine Download.

Some people like movies and art because it reminds them of what they have forgotten.

It becomes quite unnecessary once a person begins to remember.