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Sam L. said...

Where IS "Ymar's Post"????? See it, I do not.

Grim said...

It's his if he wants it. He's not obligated to write anything.

ymarsakar said...

I write them in comments.

Sometimes i get busy.

I am holding off writing about donald jt vs his son interview over roswell. There is quite a lot of background info involved over the years.

Counter: not another gov conspiracy!


Check the drive on naval patents. Copy paste even. Very intriguing.

Michael salla puts most of it together. The drive is more mainstream for new readers to ymar world. If you just want to deep dive into this, salla runs exopolitics org.

ymarsakar said...

Also ymar is very difficult to see due to cloak. People easily ended up on deep state target lists like flynn but i keep a low profile. It also helps that people thought i was crazy. Craxy people have no ctedibility so they dont need to be spied on like trump. Or swated.

Just a regular person ymar is. Nothing to see here

ymarsakar said...

Also a counter question. What happened to the 3 days without internet and all that jazz in april 2020?

Far as i know, the dumbs war is mostly over. The 3 days of darkness was not solar flash but an insurance if cabal was hard to kill. Dumbs is deep underground military bunkers. Multiple cheyyennes. Roswell fell as well but af peterson field was far more critical.

So far things were not as bad as expected. War plans contacting enemy.

They are now dividing up the spoils to determine what a post cabal world looks like.

I know that seems far fetched but that is what my current read now says. Not a rumor i heard from wilvock this time.

People still are fighting but the cabal has lost it. By the time america wakes up to this war, it will be over.

ms13 and antifa? Minor assets.

ymarsakar said...

The good news is that humanity is finally wakening up to the power of the Deep State. Now they are confronted with difficult decisions and threats on a scale that they didn't really want to think about. Elections suspended? Marxist direct revolutionary take over of the Justice system, police system, and local cities?

Is this a paranoid theory or perhaps there is something there there?

People could afford to go back to sleep and keep eating butter popcorn while watching fake news in 2016 and 2018 because they believed Trump would drain the swamp.

This swamp isn't exactly what they thought it was. They thought it was a few surface level bureaucrats in the "Deep State". Deep kind of means Deep, not the surface boys and girls.

Down the rabbit hole you go.

As a result of this, and getting hit by Corona 2020 and other things, people are in a state of confusion? Dazed trauma? PTSD? Something like that.

Their best mental defense is to keep saying their area is safe, which is true for rural America. But the country is not run from rural America.

Why does the Vatican have so many sex abuse problems, is the Pope reinforcing these groups? See, the corruption when it begins from the top, is hard to stop, even if good people in the organization wants change and reform like Vigano.

The same applies to America. Yes you can bunker down and do whatever, for now, but when the revolutionaries or rather counter revolutionary ms13 groups take over the police and the federal government... where exactly is the "survive in place" going to lead to, strategically?

Can you fight all the zombies in this country with your 50k ammo? 500k ammo? 5 million ammo and guns?

The Deep State is not stupid. They know America has guns, and yet they have the power.

These are not predictions about the tactical or strategic future. These are just thoughts people should think about, if they want to take Civil War 2 seriously. I know they are behind on that, they do not have my advantage of seeing and thinking on these issues for many years. This is just like Iraq, except you have to replace America with Iraq mentally, which is difficult for patriots.

ymarsakar said...

This alliance of "anti Deep State Cabal" guys, is a rather mish mash of a whole lot of factions, national and international.

It's like a herd of cats and dogs.

Due to a third party source's sources, it sounds like they are getting cold feet. They are worried that if they put out the sealed indictments before 2021, things will get disrupted even more than they can handle for the 2020 elections. Not sure how they are going to handle that, although Trump's DOJ is arresting MS13 of all people. This election has a number of foreign terrosts, domestic terrorists, and local or foreign mafia/crime orgs involved.

So some low level people like Ghsilaine or Epstein or Harvey will get picked up, but the real targets of importance will be sealed until the Alliance feels ready and safe. This is partially because they need America's industrial base. They have the military power to destroy the counter revolutionaries, but if America falls into chaos and revolution, then who will make the infrastructure for the military? And if there is a fake or real alien threat out there, well that becomes a problem when a major country that has most of the tech, suddenly goes offline and can't make anything because all the people are dead or insane? This is strategic "long term" thinking, that is far beyond political or cultural war cycles.

This is a concern for the Alliance, who holds significant military assets but not in the normal sense of the term.

The American patriots in the Alliance vs the Deep State Cabal (remember that the Alliance is partially from the Deep State, due to defection, they just can't stand the Cabal sex/human crimes) might prefer for indictments, against say HRC or Hussein to get out, but while they hold a significant imlitary component in solar warden, politically they are outnumbered by the members of the Earth Alliance (Think non Maoist Asia).

So we have some very strange stuff going on, but the dynamics are rather simple for me to grasp, given the simulations I have run.

Counter: Any proof for any of this or are you just making itu p as you go again?

Y: I would need my book deals if i could make it up as I go along, lol.

Roswell talk by DJT. Solar Warden hacks. Space Force.

ymarsakar said...

Further "proof" or maybe clues like a white rabbit, are Q Anon. If Ymar is just delusional, then what about the hundreds of millions behind Q Anon now?

Are they all delusional? Maybe. It is humanity and human nature we are dealing with here.

But if Q anon is larping or what not, why is Flynn's entire family taking the Oath, which was a Q initiated phenomenon and social media "allegiance" thing?

Is Flynn also larping? Shouldn't he be like, worried or something when the entire federal govenrment is gunning for him? Why is he larping, aka Live Action Role Playing now of all times?

See, there are like weird things that go on that have no answers, from an orthodox perspective. Why is Vigano talking about children of light and children of darkness, then Trump retweets him and calls it an honor? Why is Flynn a week ago, writing an article after going dark/gagged for so long, also about children of light and darkness?

What are they talking about here?

It's like a conspiracy and code word secret society stuff.

Well I likely know the answers, but perhaps this mystery is more "fun" if people can figure it out for themselves without getting spoiled. Every time I wanted to talk about what I knew and what was ahead, in 2007, I had to dripple it out in ambiguous fragments and hints. Because any more than that and getting red flagged would not be worth the risk.

ymarsakar said...


There are not many Good Q articles online except on YouTube.

ymarsakar said...


Jesus stuff gets banned by state religions claiming to fight heresy.