NY vs. Sweden

In a way their models seem similar:  accept extra death up front, in return for getting though the epidemic faster.  Sweden, of course, merely 'accepted' the risks; NY actively encouraged death via its nursing home policy.

The graph at the link shows that, in fact, the models didn't work out the same way at all.  They did both get to near-zero death rates, though.


David Foster said...

Interesting data. I'd think, though, that for a fair comparison one would also have to consider population density. Wonder how it looks if you do Stockholm vs NYC?

ymarsakar said...


Official concentration camps for this world and nation.

Incompetence? good intent?

Let's see how that works. They had every good intent in putting sick elderly together with others in nursing homes, mandatory law enforcement, but due to incompetence, they also got rid of the treatment/cure?

If that is incompetence, what is competent concentration camp running?

ymarsakar said...

Because humans cook the data, I usually do not pay attention to the numbers and stats.

They are easy to crunch even for those above average intellects, but it is meaningless at this point.

ymarsakar said...

Another thing, without the 5g networks and 4g radiation problem tied into the variables, they aren't considering the relevant threats and causes for disease.

These network locations must be overlayed into the data, but again, humans cook the data so it doesn't matter.

Grim said...

You know, Ymar, I think all those posts are actually on topic for this post. Well done. I appreciate your efforts in this regard; I think it makes other guests more comfortable. This metaphysical post concept may be working out.

ymarsakar said...

It's partially because I can read the mood and atmosphere, so if I choose to fit my narrative into the majority consciousness, I can easily do so.

Before, it was easier to go against the stream of consciousness because it's just easier that way for me. The lack of understanding would be approximately the same either way. I have been receiving orders or rather suggested recommendations that humanity is awakening to a better state of consciousness and even if they lack understanding, they should be given hints to prepare them for what is coming.

I think it would have turned out differently if I had fit in perfectly with people's traditions. As a Southerner, or Patriot, or something else. The rejection of the world was actually necessary for my catalyst and power as I have discovered.

ymarsakar said...

People are never gonna be too comfortable around me, for the same reason why the Pharisees weren't comfortable around John Baptist or yeshua of nazareth.

If they were aliens or rather Samaritans or Romans, it would be fine. Heretics speaking in heresies is nothing new.

It's when people are not easily labeled, when they come from INSIDE the community, and that insider rejects the community's values, that people get very upset. For example, when blacks or gays escape the Demoncrat plantation system.

Conservatives, I have noticed, are actually comfortable fighting with or contesting against Leftists online. They have gotten used to the rhetoric so to speak, due to the OIF years.

Given 2020, I no longer feel the need to provide people the Difficult Truths and information that gives them a catalyst to awaken. Those weren't really powerful enough to be catalysts, as they were just little weak annoyances. People could easily ignore Ymar, after all.

As I have stated plenty of time before, whether Ymar is right or not, will be determined by the rest of the world. Even I was not 100% certain of where my information was coming from. Neither did Jeremiah feel 100% confident in speaking to the nations.

People do not believe in me or my god, because they do not understand any of it. But they do not understand, because they are too comfortable to begin with and only receive information that confirms their biases. Q actually has the same difficulties that I have encountered. How do you awaken a population so comfortable and so used to fake news as truth?

They have to see for themselves. Even if it hurts and even if it kills them. This war is that important. It's not just some idle fantasy or thought.

Grim said...

Well all the same I appreciate your trying to make my guests comfortable. They make room for you, after all. Peace occurs only if we all try to make it for each other, in spite of everything.

douglas said...

Mr. Foster, certainly the density of Sweden outside Stockholm is very low. The greater Stockholm area does hold about 20% of the population, though, and like most of Europe, is fairly dense- but still not NYC levels.

Sweden also had some problems with nursing homes, so there's that, but they also didn't encourage people to pack events, or crowd on unsanitized subways maskless in early March, not to mention the murderous policies of NY in regard to nursing homes.

Sweden is also very good about the record keeping, and their numbers are, if anything, overly inclusive, as opposed to some other countries. Also, Finland, among the Nordics, had some real issues with their record keeping and is likely under-counting.

David Foster said...

The headline on the linked article doesn't make it clear whether 'New York' refers to the whole state or just to the city...the article refers to the Empire State, so it's the whole state they are talking about, which has a density much less than just the city, though probably not as low as the country of Sweden.

I think the most meaningful simple comparison would be Stockholm vs NYC, still not perfect.

ymarsakar said...

There numbers out of Texas as well, that has an interesting comparison of flu season vs covid death season.

7000 deaths due to cold/flu over the same approximate time as covid, which had 1.3k

That seems, strange.

J Melcher said...

"You know, Ymar, I think all those posts are actually on topic for this post. Well done."

I second the motion to commend.

As a Texan, who has missed the comparison to which you allude, I'd be interested in a specific link to the data (however skewed) comparing our seasonal flu experience to the Covid stuff. Help, if you please?

ymarsakar said...


The texas bureacrats push back. Accurate data, for a meme.

Larry said...

I am not doubting what is being said regarding New York’s forcing their skilled nursing facilities to take Covid positive patients, but I would like to see a link for this. My thanks in advance.

Grim said...

Here are two; you can readily find more.



ymarsakar said...


Picked one on the first page search.

ymarsakar said...

The left managed to concentrate and kill 40k plus americans using one order.

Did having guns prevent this?

The ds is not stupid contrary to what is shown o on fake news fb twitter.

They know usa has guns. But vietnam knew us was stronger. Asymmetrical warfare....

ymarsakar said...

I got a link for raven and other students of conspiracy.


Quite interesting what people are beginning to believe. I doubt us governors can put all of us in psychwards.