"Please Wait While Your Experience Loads"

So sayth the DOT tax website, not taking into account that long waiting to pay my taxes is in fact part of the experience.


ymarsakar said...

Waiting until the last possible moment? Eh

I don't think they can even charge you late interest fees, given interest is nearly zero.

ymarsakar said...

It'll be nice when death and taxes go away. That may take awhile, but it is Inevitable, if I say so myself.

It'll be a good betting pool which one goes away first.

Grim said...

I'll have you know I have the rest of the month for this particular tax, which is vehicular rather than personal. The personal taxes are already paid.

Not that the tax collectors have any reason to gripe about ME waiting on them. I filed my income taxes in early April, and still haven't gotten my refund.

Anonymous said...

I'm fortunate, in that the car tax office has a drive up (but of course), in addition to the mail-in and on-line options. I'm due in December, so perhaps we will be back to what passes for normal in the county/state tax office by then.


ymarsakar said...

I filed my income taxes in early April, and still haven't gotten my refund.

Ah, a free loan to the government then. My Ally bank has 1.0 APR interest now on saving accounts. It was 2.3% dropped to 1.5% then 1.1% due to the fed rate cuts.

Of course that's better thn the .01% that Bank of America and other major banks pay.

So for an average income of say 50k taxable, 5-10k may be in taxes so let's see how much interest that would be per month. 8.333 dollars for a 10k, per month. Hey, that is not bad. If you had that in a savings account, you could have amazon prime monthly mostly for free. This is uncompounded monthly interest.

No wonder the stock market rallied for 1.5 months. Dividend stocks are way better, at 5-15% per year.

douglas said...

Just be glad you're not paying what Californians pay for the privilege of registering their cars.