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ymarsakar said...

Funny twitter time.



So we have Ted Cruz tweeting "humanity is doomed" and now Florida has some kind of "cooked testing results" going on.

Conservatives watched too much fake news in January to March and believed the scam/con about the "planned demic".

Was there a real threat? Sure. Let's just say God's servants on Earth neutralized it. But the Planned authoritarian power structure, continues according to their orders and plan.

It's a program or a military campaign. Just because something goes wrong, you retreat and surrender? No. The Cabal keeps on going on, cause they refuse to surrender.

So what is the Second Wave of Corona? Is it some kind of aerosol, weather engineering spray, that they put in the air to make people more sick? Is it cooking cases to make humans fall into fear and using that as a ritual to kill the species off?


What is the point of expending so much power just to convince Americans that a virus is going to kill them, when it has not?

Because it has Esoteric Power, not purely political. They don't do things because of zero reason. There are always reasons. Some good, some sane, some not so rational.

Also when I started talking about humanity, people accused me of being an alien. Haha. Now Cruz is doing it. Welcome to Ymar's world.

ymarsakar said...


This ACIM workbook lesson is rather complicated, since it is quite far along. Day 196 even.

But it is a good lesson for BLM and other rioters attacking the country and those external to them. Conservatives have realized that these youth and brainwashed cannon fodder, are just acting out because their own lives are so miserable that they need to spread this misery to others. It is a kind of internal rejection or projection even.

To be an adult, requires suppressing these unpleasant thoughts and views, and going along with Authority,r ight? But those very adults and authority... are the ones that fomented this insurrection for power. So that's not a good solution either.

Attacking others is not a solution to save or improve the self. And obeying Others is not the solution to save yourself either.

BLM and Antifa is helping blacks wake up to this realization, just as metoo helped women in America. It is painful, but spiritual awakening is usually painful. That is why people harden their hearts.

The way conservatives cope is a bit unique. It is "not my problem". It is the problem of actresses and their choices. The problem of inner neighborhoods and their choices.

But can slaves have choices? Even white Republican abolitionists knew the truth on that.

Grim said...

That’s “Angel & the Badman.”

ymarsakar said...


What is?

ymarsakar said...


A pretty old story of Coolidge meeting an Indian temple leader.

This was before people figured out red meat had certain imbalances. This was an ancient Ayurvedic method, which was to harmonize the essences and elementals of the human body. The Eskimos have to eat meat, same for Chan Buddhists at Shaolin monastery, due to the amount of physical labor and work they do. Or just genetics.

It must have appeared patently foreign and strange to America, though, to hear their President was recommended a no meat "nut" based diet.

ymarsakar said...

The "do not eat at dinner bell time" is critically important. Recently Westerners call this "intermittent fasting" or intermittent eating.

It is exceptionally good at correcting the bio rhythms for athletes and other people. This is not a diet for sick people. Rather, it is a diet for the top performers of the physical martial arts.
In fact they need it now more than ever, given contaminations and toxins in the air or food or water. It improves stamina, injury recovery, tissue elasticity, and all kinds of other stuff important for athletes and physical job work.

ymarsakar said...

I looked up the top web articles on intermittent fasting. They have no idea what is going on.

The issue has always been toxicity and inflammation. In order to digest food, the body has to expend a certain amount of chi prana and energy digesting food. It's called the blood going into the gut and people getting light headed during buffets. The power comes from the gut.

The kidneys and the liver has to constantly purify the blood and other toxins acquired during digestion or living.

By increasing the vibration and density of the foods, and increasing the number of hours where the body does not expend energy digesting things, this has an incredible boost to the performance levels of all athletes. Which is why people do them. Not because they know why it works, but just because it does work, even if they have no studies proving it.

It's just like Hydroxy whatever. It just works with Zinc. They don't need a qualified study for that. It's word of mouth and makes sense. If they knew why it would work, they would have a cure for Corona. They can't cure the flu or cold period.

The arrogance of Western science has been getting significantly high over time, but recent advances actually argue for the opposite. That traditional or native medicinal practices were always superior and had been doing things that modern diet science has missed or recommended erroneously (look up history of Diet problems caused by inaccurate science).

Western society still has no idea why any of this works. But so long as it works, people are gonna do it. That's just how people are.

ymarsakar said...


These are not the workbook chapters but rather the first half or the metaphysical theoretical philosophy of truth.

This chapter deals with sickness. Also the nature of god and man.

ymarsakar said...

For a more popular and easy to understand look on the paranormal, here is John DeSouza. Some kind of former FBI guy. I saw him on ytube some time ago and Fox News, but that was like 10 years ago? I had no idea he was into this subject now. I saw him again recently this year due to him doing a show with others in a circle I knew, about Corona 2020.


He was also part of a paranormal investigation team, not just X files like but providing source material for the actual X files show.


You probably don't have the internet connection for this, Grim, so I'll try to find some kind of article, not written by main sewers.


That hsa to be good enough. Audio shold be esaier to stream and download than 2 hours of video.

Grim said...

“What is?”

The lesson. It’s Quaker, and the moral arc of the movie.

ymarsakar said...


O Keefe is going strong. I didn't think he would make it, since I didn't see much optimism for the future at the time.

His life is very well designed from a pre mortal stand point.

If the Deep State is corrupt, one must speak truth to power, and shine light upon the darkness.

Even if that makes people uncomfortable, even if it is difficult information to absorb. It must be done.

ymarsakar said...

I really want to write about aliens because of donald s comments to his son about roswell. Also rumors online are flying that nytimes has been ordered to do an article on crash retrieval gov programs. Crash as in advanced tech.

But i will hold off. This is july 16 2020 for future reference.

John d has or had a top secret clearance. He is a non anon source for you grim to check. His stuff is way out there, vs me even. He has a mission, a divine one. I can recognize it.