Irish Archaeology Breakthrough

Massive religious structures in County Armagh:
"It would give you a very good indication of the footprint of these buildings and the scale of the structure.

"I suppose that's one of the reasons why this feels so significant, because these are truly monumental structures, they are absolutely huge by the standards of the age.

"These could probably be some of the largest structures built in the first millennium BC and the first millennium AD."


ymarsakar said...

Also mound builders in usa. Unfirtunately many were bulldozed because it made manifest destiny proponents look bad if natives had tech in past.

The while rise and fall of advanced civilizations. Khem egypt came out of mo where, fully packed with goodies. This does not fit darwinian models

james said...

The mounds around here were mostly destroyed not by bulldozers in the name of hiding the past or some such, but by farmers. Mounds were made of topsoil, and got in the way of plowing--plow them flat. Quite a few of the rest were dozed down for housing--some quite recently, laws to the contrary notwithstanding.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

This would fit with what we have been learning about Stonehenge and other GB sites, that large areas of surrounding terrain were part of the worship package, not just the buildings. Animists think in terms of the sacredness of a place itself, and built structures tend to be regarded as equally important only insofar as they contain the remains of ancestors. Notice that WRT the site you link to, enclosure of a large area is key, and contrast this to the Semitic preference for public altars, and the farther-eastern preference for home altars.

ymarsakar said...

Many ancient temple sites are on top of power spots, leylines or what not. One can think of them like the Bermuda Triangle, where things get weird.

The Vatican has a history of taking over foreign or pagan temple sites, and building cathedrals on top of them. They are "sealing" or taking over that strategic energy spot, which makes perfect sense.

There is also a significant cache of only copies of occult books and material in their secret vaults, which they haven't bothered destroying or unsealing.

Counter: That's anti Catholic!

Ymar: No, it's just the truth, go read Vigano an Archbishop of the Church of Rome.

Counter: Archbishops are whores of Rome, Ymar is anti Protestant!

Ymar: Sighs.... let's just say messengers of the Divine are "anti ALL organized state religions". Easier.

Religions can withstand atheists telling them god does not exist and that as a consequence the faith of the faithful are wrong/delusional. They cannot withstand THEIR OWN GOD telling the religions they are wrong. That's outside the pale, that's not tolerated.

Plenty of stuff on the Mound Builders. The particular tribe that had this oral tradition that their ancestors came thorugh the Great Lakes from the Eastern ocean in ships... that was something that shocked the archaeologists. Because they were wedded to the Land Bridge concept.

Ships? People had ships advanced enough to cross the Atlantic in those days? Impossible!

That's scientific consensus for you. Scientists asked the tribal heads "why didn't you tell us this?"

"You never asked".

Humans need to get educated on this stuff. That public indoctrination only causes counter revolution kaos.

Eric Blair said...

I've been inside of the tomb at New Grange. You can feel the years pressing down. Quite the experience.