Another Sweden Orthodoxy

Previously it was “Sweden admits it was wrong.”  Now it’s “don’t call their zero death rate a success.”


MikeD said...

I don't know, it sounds to me like they let the disease take a natural course, run through the population, do all the damage it was going to do and then burn out. You know... rather than drag out the infections to keep the thing going for four months longer than it would have. I wonder if their ultimate death rate will be matched by Norway in the long run.

Grim said...

That is what they did, more or less. But whether they’re right or not isn’t the issue; I’m sympathetic to the approach, but that’s to the side. What’s gotten my attention is the intense pressure to describe the approach as awful and wrong — not because of Sweden itself, but because it looks like the Ref State approach in the American context.

raven said...

It is sickening to see young healthy people walking around outside with masks on.
I saw a paddleboarder and fisherman today with masks on, hundreds of feet away from any other human. Any rag over the face is supposed to suffice, according to our idiot governor, and even medical masks, well fitted, have been found in random controlled studies to have no effect in controlling infections.
They are more likely to die driving to the beach than from a virus.
This is a mind control/propaganda game being run on us by the deep state. Compliance control? Fear enhancement? I don't know exactly what the purpose is, but it is clear we are being played. It reminds me of the decades old gun control push, where any shooting death, anywhere, regardless of cause, is brought front and center to increase fear.
The death rate is dropping like a rock, the "new" infections the result of increased testing, and the overall all cause death rate now is dropping below previous years-
this thing is all but over, yet half the population thinks they could catch it and drop dead tomorrow. I am fed up with the lies.

Grim said...

We live in Free America. I didn’t see any masks today while out kayaking on the lake. Nor should I have.

ymarsakar said...

Free range america? Heh.

Raven, yes. It is a play and the world is a stage to humanity s slavery.

Nearly every single messenger of the light gods were hunted down and killed by human slaves obeying deep state, cabal, vaticsn etc.

a people thaylt tortured their supposed god and tried to murder him.... and they think adam and abirtions were sinful? Off the mark.

ymarsakar said...

Is this the real Corona 2020 scamdemic death rate, without Demoncrat governors putting 20k elderly mommas into concentration camps for them to die of Covid?

Or are those names not real and this is a victimless, good intention based, result?

ymarsakar said...

They're killing Americans by the tens of thousands, and yet the easy response to Ymar is that it is just paranoia. Somehow, I don't think this what they mean by "paranoia".

This is instead "difficult information" that is hard to accept. But people can either accept it or hide from it, just like alcoholics do.

Poll: 70% of Americans would get vaccine
A new poll from the Washington Post-ABC News shows 7 out of 10 Americans would get a coronavirus vaccine if immunizations were free and available to everyone.

Potentially 70% will take the nanite "kill on contact" vaccine? Hrm, that's really going to increase the casualties, even if Trump thinks it is safe.

I know it is easy to believe this is just paranoia and that millions of people world wide are falling for the Q whatever thing, but at a certain point, it's really about usability and competence, not about why people online look like psych ward patients.

ymarsakar said...

Counter: I know I know, it is just INCOMPETENCE!

Y: I know, I know. “Just about the worst possible thing to do is knowingly introduce coronavirus to the most vulnerable populations, yet that’s exactly what several states did by mandating nursing homes accept infected patients,” Walorski said in a statement. “These misguided policies deserve close scrutiny, and the leaders who put them in place have a lot of tough questions to answer.”

It's just "INCOMPETENCE", right?

I dare say what a competent enemy and traitorous 5th column could do in America, if 40k fatalities are just, "incompetence".

9/11, you know, was big because a few thousand Americans died. But oh, 40k, no problem. Just a few minor bugs in this software.

I am not surprised the Cabal has kept humanity in line for so long. After all, anyone that figured it out, would be labeled a conspiracy theorist or in need of medication. Just as kthe psychiatrists or psychologists here. They know.

ymarsakar said...

edit forgot. Maybe I need to check if it is a satire site like BB... but what diffference does it make at this point.

Christopher B said...

I struggle with the way many people insist that government action was decisive in attempting to control COVID, or even had much of an impact. As demonstrated by responses to reporting on Sweden, claims that a government did or didn't 'lockdown' are often based on superficial analysis of the tone of government officials. In the U.S., South Dakota seems to get a lot of praise or blame for a 'no-lockdown' policy and a relatively low death rate. If you look a couple of states over South Dakota isn't doing much better than Wisconsin, which did have a fairly rigorous response, in terms of fatalities/population even though more urbanized states typically have significantly higher rates. In between, both Iowa and Minnesota have about twice the rate of deaths of Wisconsin or South Dakota, even though Minnesota is about as urbanized as Wisconsin and followed similar COVID policies. You can see similar a similar pattern in fatalities among Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, and Arkansas.

ymarsakar said...

this thing is all but over, yet half the population thinks they could catch it and drop dead tomorrow. I am fed up with the lies.

Oh no. 2020 is not over by a long shot.

They still have at least a few more stages of Corona 2020 to play through.

Yes, the actual disease is problematically dying off, but they can always push another doomsday button. Second stage of Corona?

Asteroids? Fake alien invasion/ What else is next? I am waiting and watching.

Riots in the strets, insurgent death squads activating to suspend elections? 105% of the popular vote is for Biden?


Purplehermann said...

You are making ridiculous assertions (though outside at a large distance from other humans there really is no need for a mask).

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, but I'd settle for a link to a peer-reviewed study showing what you've asserted.

Medical masks probably work based on the studies.

It'shonestly disgusting when people err on the side of lack of caution on matters of life and death for millions, instead of actually reading the research - or failing that, erring on the side of caution.

Good day.