Ymar’s Post

For Monday.


Grim said...

I'm going to put a question to you, in fact. I have encountered a person who claims to have come under magical attack from White Supremacists, using an assault on her throat chakra. What do you make of such a claim?

ymarsakar said...

I would refer to what is called the double slit experiment or the placebo effect first.

To shorten it, the human observer changes how light functions. Placebo is when a person heals or sickens themselves using a belief or observer effect. Meaning they believe they are x so they change a variable.

Now what a throat chakra is. Chakra is an indian term for a whirlpool of energy or portal. This one is near the throat. Toroid field is what it can look like. Basically an invisible energy like electricity or em.

The clam could be accurate, half true, or just a hypochondriac imagining attacks. They may be real but the person would be attacking themselves.

A wizard never or rather should not make claims like, x will kill me or this x sickness is mine. They should not tell others to die either. Cause it might happen. Butterfly effect.

I have not been sick for 4 plus years. I get sniffles for 4 hours and it is gone. Or one airplane 1 hr flight. Air chakras are pure.

Also, white Supremes are not strong in the magic arts. They play dnd, not to diss on dnd but it is an rpg. Not even an ouigi portal board. An rpg. Larping.

Larping is to quantum magic as senators are to warriors in battle. Useful maybe.

Now the white brotherhood, those are different. That is a white mmagic circle like gandalf the white. White in that sense.

Real rituals targeting vthe throat chakra would be p charles. He is considered high dark power rank. Or mask laws. Political correctness. Silence conservatives. I cannit breathe slogans. These workings restrict communications, speech, throst etc

Grim said...

Sorry, who is p Charles?

ymarsakar said...

Royal of uk. The husband of dianna formerly.

That guy buddy with p andrew, who is buddy with epstein. Lots of satanic child abuse sacrifice stuff there.

ymarsakar said...

Some guy i forgot wrote that any sufficient ly advanced tech is magic to primitives.

Basically a working is a repeatable set of rituals that have real world effects. Thus even if no one agrees about *i cinnot breathe* they are conscious of it and giving energy to fuel it. Others call it activism or social engineering. It does not matter. I look at the result, not who is right in interpretation or tradition. A modern wizard s view perhaps.

There are many traditions of magic but only recently have we obtained a scientific model to detect it. Quantum technology is already here in cpus. This is not the anti gravity fantasy people were sold 4 decades ago.

This is that idea that ancient civs had higher tech and wisdom.

ymarsakar said...

Also questions are great. I love answering questions. It is much easier to deploy what i have without violating free will.

This all started when i saw the power of the cabal and it implied that an opposing force existed. I dared and demanded that x unknown show themselves to me if they truly existed.

If dc needed to be wiped out, so be it. If the world of cities built by mankind needed to burn to eradicate the cabal, i was ok with that too.

I was given a different vision and mission. I prefer it now. I have high trust in my god. Leftists trust gov bevause their gods are men devils demons or bureacrat authorities. A sad replacement

ymarsakar said...

I would add another. Back in march 2020 i wrote on pretty much all the online locations i frequent that corona is not a big deal, world was not ending, and it will pass quickly.

This was not a prediction. It was more like a spell. Thousands and hundreds of thousands world wide utilized mental focus to manifest that reality. Meanwhile what did fakes news cabal do?

Fear, nursing home deaths, mo fear. It was an invisible war. Light vs darkness.

Why was i so certain? Partially what i felt the message i got was, but mostly bevause of power. Call to the mountain, move, and it will move.

Whose predictive model was more useful? Ymar that has been labeled a paranoia case equivalent to psychward patients or the world s sane elites?