When "Kill him!" turns to "Run!"

You've got to pick your victims carefully.


Grim said...

It's so hard to do that when they're allowed to carry concealed weapons.

ymarsakar said...

Zombies detected.

He cut it pretty close, allowing them to get that close. When the horde begins charging, you only have a few seconds to open up a space and put them down. If they engage at close hand and forearm distance, then your own weapon's optimum range will not be as effective as at the optimum range (beyond 21 feet).

The advantage of range on the weapon tool is that you can fire off and cull down the number of potential freaks, thus eliminating the C3 or C4 of the enemy, forcing the enemy to fragment or to raise their morale (again) for a charge.

If, however, the user decides to forfeit their range advantage, as in the video's case, then it is rolling the dice. People do have backup weapons and options, of course, but it is better to shoot fish in a barrel than to try to fight sharks bare handed in water, no matter how tough the fighter is.

Also, run to a parked car, as that is the only likely way to secure one of your flanks or back (although not really secure as people will just climb on top) when in the open streets. Open stretes are nice, very clear firing lines and easy to distinguish people who are following the order lines (non combatants) and the enemy following you on the car road (targets that need elimination).

This is why I don't buy the "we need guns" or "we don't need H2H skills because we have guns".

In either scenario, having guns doesn't mean you will never allow someone into their range. And if you don't have guns or ammo, at least you'll have your H2H survival skills to escape and grab another weapon, or use someone's dead body as another judo weapon or barrier shield.

ymarsakar said...

Guns require reloading. Against a committed mob of insurgents, a single person may never have a chance to reload. Thus they would need to "kite" and dodge the rushing zombie hordes, as they tactically reload, one handed perhaps, or use an ally on an over watch or fire suppression role.

While this scenario allowed the zombies to run after 3 or so shots fired... I prefer the more challenging scenarios when the zombies are a little bit more "motivated". The worse case scenarios are better to keep in mind. Here, half of the mob, almost, wasn't even charging. Half stayed back and did the filming or C3, command and control, to help the brownian movement forward. When everyone turns and faces you, and you can feel their voices and emotions rise, you are now the target. How much risk you want to take after that... well that's up to you and your life insurance agent at that point.

ONe does not need empath skills to pick up on this, as the skate to the head may have been too obvious a hint.

If the person had not kited a little bit an distanced himself, he may have been swarmed like that guy a few days ago running around with a (stainless steel) blade and when he went down, they all took turns stomping on him.

raven said...

Engaging a mob is insane. And, it is pointless. They are Kids for Cannon Fodder, and a big massacre is what their backers want, they need a bloody flag to wave.

Ni-ke-Flew-Far-Fast is a good martial art to master.

It will interesting to see how long it takes before kinetic action moves up a level or two above the KCF crowd.

ymarsakar said...

I don't worry about mobs, unless they are charging in the hundreds, and more than 1000 or backed by police authorities. Authorities or systems are hard to defeat in war, even if I survive one battle.

For the people here and elsewhere that need tactics to survive Seattle rape zones and death squads, they should get it. Before it is too late.

I have various shields and protections in my territory and field. I have spent decades crafting my work and skills, both mental, spiritual, and physical.

Seeing what Americans are going through, they need help. And not necessarily military or police help.

They need to wake up, but for those that cannot or will not wake up, I extend to them mercy as well as helpful compassion.

THey usually don't take it. Target Focus Training has been around for decades but... not necessarily popular.

In a way, all of humanity are cannonfodder and slave hostages of ....

Ephesians 6:12

ymarsakar said...


women are usually the low hanging fruit, even in the days of the serpent/draconians.


What is the Cabal doing now, making NK blow up SKorean?

I have no idea.

Far as I have been told, Yeshua is not going to land and interfere. What has been sent to help, is here. You are it, humanity. You are not going to get any more aid or interventions. This is it. You have to choose.

You decide what happens now, not the dark or light gods. You all decide how much of this... stuff, you are willing to tolerate. Death to the Deep State or continue as their slaves for another 75k years?

ymarsakar said...


THe main sewers used to be able to hide and distract Americans with games and bread. Now they have failed, so they go to violence. A good backup usually.

These shadows, this darkness, must first be purged, before humans can move forward.

I hope humanity chooses wisely. There is not much time left.

douglas said...

That's true Raven, but once he's there, and they engaged, running would only have spurred them on. He tried to walk away watching his back, but that could not be allowed, of course, so here we are. Better they than he.

Anonymous said...

Usually (and thats the caveat, usually) when you shoot one most of the others will scatter and you're left with a couple die hards.