Emergency Lockdown

It is clearly a mistake to have given the government the idea that it can order people into house arrest for their own protection any time it decides to issue an emergency.
Shelter in Place

At the request of Lower Makefield Township Police Department, all residents requested to shelter in place due to a black bear sighting. Specifically the Yardley Hunt Development residents. If sighted please call 911 immediately. The Game Commission is en route. pic.twitter.com/sFNzk80Vyt

— Lower Makefield (@LMTPD) June 14, 2020
First of all, black bears are really not very dangerous at all. If treated with respect, they will generally not harm anyone and will move along in their own good time.

Second, what is the legal mechanism for issuing lockdown orders to the community via Twitter? All Americans do not use Twitter; I wouldn't use it myself if I weren't required to do so. It's a poisonous hole of a website that any reasonable person would be wise to avoid. If one should encounter police, could one be arrested for violating a Twitter order? Is there some other mechanism for issuing these orders? Is there an adequate lawful basis for allowing the police to constrict basic rights on their own, without consulting even the governor, let alone the legislature?

Third, I hope the bear had a nice romp through the empty town streets.


ymarsakar said...

What world or whose world is this?

Isn't this plot humanity created, interesting?

Where will it end?

Where are we going?

ymarsakar said...

They used to throw the faithful into pits of wild animals. Strangely enough, the peace that encompassed the DNA of these individuals prevented them from being killed.

Faith replaced their fear. The animals thus did not feel threatened. And when they felt hungry, the angels stood guard.

Sometimes people get attacked because that is what the heavens have decreed.

MikeD said...

There is NO "emergency" exemption in the Constitution of the United States. If the President, Congress or a State Governor wants to declare martial law (and not all Governors legally can) then let them do so. Until that time, the claim that anyone has the authority to suspend the Enumerated Rights is bogus.

I'm in a tricky position. I have elderly parents (in their 80s) who are in the most vulnerable demographic when it comes to COVID-19. As such, I take isolation steps seriously in an effort to reduce their chance of exposure. But I do not recognize the government has any legal authority to suspend the Constitution because "it's a pandemic". Were it not for the fact that I feel the need to protect my parents, I actually WOULD intentionally be violating these orders simply to defy an illegitimate governmental decree. And if it got me arrested, all the better. Because the only way these petty dictators will learn is to be sued and lose in court.

douglas said...

At least here they explicitly said "request". Still, maybe don't fee llike you always have to manipulate the populous to do the right thing, or for that matter, even assume you know what the right thing is for *everybody*. Just tell them what's going on, feel free to make general recommendations, but lighten up a little. Is that so hard?

Also, it doesn't speak very well of us as a people that we're so completely detached from knowing how to deal with nature anymore. There are a lot of reality lessons not being learned because of that.

raven said...

The most disturbing thing I have seen in the riot coverage was a band of armed thugs in blue romping up empty suburban streets screaming at people to GET BACK IN YOUR HOUSE!!
and then opening fire on observers standing on their own porch with some type of non lethal munition. "LIGHT THEM UP!!"

My opinion on this is unprintable.

ymarsakar said...

Raven, welcome to Ymar's world, circa 2007. Lots of things I wanted to say about future Hussein regime in US and what it would do to Petraeus "victorious" surge in 2007.

Not really useful for print, so I refrained.

Counter: OMG, Y can stop writing stuff for once.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Up in Jackson, NH, when bears come to the school playground, the teachers just go out and bang on pots so the kids can go out for recess.