Congratulations to West Point

They have graduated their first Sikh female cadet. Normally these “first!” stories don’t interest me, but I am glad to see the military availing itself of the opportunity represented by Sikh culture.
“My grandfather was an armor officer in the Indian army, so I grew up hearing about tanks and his recollection of fighting in the mountains of northern India," Narang told Task & Purpose. “Everything he told me grew my interest in the military … he embedded that culture of service and giving back to your country.”
That is the kind of thing I wish more Americans of all stripes felt.


Gringo said...

I'd much rather have a Sikh on my side than have a Sikh opposing me.

ymarsakar said...

Indian culture and religions. Reminds me of Yuri Bezmenov and Satguru. Remember Bezmenov, Grim?

I talked about him enough in the old years.

The little time he warned us we had left was before I woke up.

And now the time is over, isn't it.

Endless warnings, America was given. What came out of it in the end?

So be it.