Progressives and the Guillotine

A retrospective.



Anonymous said...

Don't forget the tens of thousands in the Vendée, or their general erasure from the text books.

Grim said...

They are mentioned in passing here, as one of the executed progressives brutally put them down first.

ymarsakar said...

Theoretically, their ideas could work, and it certainly seemed like a good idea to the activists to do certain things but... do they understand that Earth is under a kind of interdiction or protection system, ruled or controlled by certain powerful factions (that aren't necessarily human)?

So if they don't have this intel and they launch an operation, would it not be hijacked soon enough and turned on itself?

Let us then say the Y hypothesis is incorrect, that such a level of organization or hierarchy does not exist. There are no spirits, there are just humans. In that case, why does humanity endlessly repeat the same mistakes even though you all have access to the historical records?

Are humans not sentient enough?

Humans just keep repeating history because it is a musical chairs game and tomorrow never comes? We are all in a time vortex and paradox like Groundhog's Day?

But would that structure not itself be evidence of a simulation or of a prison control system?

ymarsakar said...

Grim, they seem to want to see all the katanas in America chop them apart? What, haha.

Your related twitter link is so funny. THey are serious, they say.

They are being genocided, they say. Have they ever seen the Divine Host or the Dark Fleet genocide them? Is that what they are calling on now. Maybe they will get their wish, for once.

It is past time for the truth to come out and for humanity to be humbled. Personally, my patience is wearing out.