The DACA decision makes no sense

I've read it now, and I've read the dissent.  The majority opinion is baffling.  The dissent is written in an English I can understand and seems to be making straightforward points.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

John Roberts -

"And another one bites the dust
And another one bites the dust
And another one's gone
And another one's gone
And another one bites the dust."

Grim said...

If the Trump administration had followed every jot and tittle of the law and every procedure about rulemaking, the decision would have had the same 5-4 split. Roberts would have just had to bite the bullet and admit that "This ruling violates my conscience, and I cannot allow you to do it if I have the power to stop you."

That's what will happen if Trump and his people take the time to go all the way through it again, and apply every step the Roberts court is insisting upon.

bdoran said...

Politically the DC winds blow strongly against Trump and American Sovereignty, we can bluster all we want; we cower and obey when confronted.

Except God Bless them at long last the Police have had enough, and are showing us the way.

bdoran said...

The way is not The Law.

Grim said...

Who’s this “we,” cowboy?

Grim said...

As far as I can tell, what the cops are doing is nothing. They’re calling in sick, and letting the mob win. Maybe that will turn hearts their way, or not; but the ones doing right are the ordinary men and women with rifles, holding the line.

E Hines said...

Who is this "we?"

Someone who is projecting.

Eric Hines

raven said...

Yes- the USSC rulings have become entirely political in nature. Like most of the rest of the court system,at least in WA.

The problem with cops walking off, is the replacements who will take over. We are already at a stage where in many places, entirely reasonable resistance to the communist element will result in charges.

My normalcy bias says/hopes things will be OK- but any rational analysis says war is coming- this country is two camps, with diametrically opposing views on culture, morality, politics, and almost everything else, and the only question is who gets to control the club of government. Most conservatives I know just want to be left alone, and most of the leftists are eager to tell them what they must, and must not, do.

Ymar Sakar said...

How did ds turn roberts? How did we miss it? Is ds that powerful... why yes, it is.

When will people sign the death of deep state? Time is running out. 2020 not over.

I forget but i told conservatives that the last battle draws near. Even in 2017.

Ymar Sakar said...

I had not thought long term for replacements but twitter and raven are right. Just as police was reforming with cameras, brown shirts replace them with ss loyalists. Not furst time.

4th reich in usa?

bdoran said...

We as in we can bluster all we want.

We talk, we sputter.
They topple, they burn, they kill.
They toppled Grant last night.

How about we as in whites?
Or Americans, or whatever.
Cow- whatever.

We cower, we withdraw. We obey.

Our bluff is called- except the Cops.
God Bless em.

bdoran said...

Who is holding what line with Rifles?
You mean Chaz/Chop?

And I’m not projecting.
I’m observing.

bdoran said...

I’m observing and reporting, Mr Hines.

bdoran said...

The replacements will be the mob for now, perhaps Communist Commissars later - as the Seattle business owners are beginning to discover. The part about “we pay our taxes” is classic.

Grim said...

If you watch the videos from the Golden Gate park, the cops were literally standing by not stopping the destruction.

Meanwhile our local town had a protest last weekend. Nothing was destroyed, possibly because of the police, but also possibly because of the large number of motorcycle clubs that turned out.

Grim said...

I mean the militias protecting businesses in Minneapolis; and the militia who stepped in after the shooting the other day, disarmed the shooter and protected him from the mob until the police arrived. They saved that guy from the mob and the cops, who might well have shot him.

bdoran said...

Here is the “Opposition’s” AAR of burning the 3d precinct.

Note the role of ‘non-violence’ - a shield for the violent. Which has always been the truth.

bdoran said...

To answer on the Baca statue incident - they are protecting their heritage, but they...are Spanish.

Show me the White Statue that is not toppling.

Now you may be Spanish, I’m not sure. If so God Bless, perhaps my fellow Americans can learn from you.

The link to the militia you put up the other day was of course to a Latin militia. As again was the militia that protected Baca, and the statue was of a Conquistadore.

Well God bless the Spanish for guts.
But that’s not who founded the country.

To answer the earlier question of “we who?” The answer is We don’t exist.

We’re being erased, and doing nothing. Our Defenders are tired of being betrayed and are walking away.

Apprende Espanol, there’s my advice.

Grim said...

Learning Spanish is worth doing on its own merits, but again, this “we” who doesn’t exist — who are you talking to? Last weekend I must have seen a hundred bikers at that protest. Our areas of the country aren’t having problems. Nor would we allow them.

I dissent from attempting to buy in to the race narrative. Black Americans in veteran motorcycle clubs are part of the solutions. All such Americans are, race to be disposed of.

Grim said...

By the way, here’s the local statue that didn’t get torn down.

bdoran said...

Thank you for showing me the statue that was not torn down.

I am glad you are protected by Bikers.

You are welcome to not buy into the race narrative, although you may not be interested in race, race however may be interested in you. I myself don't believe in it.
It doesn't matter what I believe if others DO and will act on it.
They are, nationwide.

Now you mention you are not having problems where you live, I am glad for you.
Nor am I where we live.

However we do live in a country that is in trouble, and many statues are toppling.
They tore down George Washington today in Portland, as I believe you noted in this blog.

You may reflect that we are safe in our respective places because...the enemy has not yet arrived. Perhaps Bikers will hold the line, along with ah militia.
Or not. I think people will miss the police, and I think they'll miss an Army that obeys its President.

But as for who is this we...[that is becoming trying]
We.The.People...are full of bluff.
And the Left knows it.

Grim said...

I'm not 'protected by bikers.' I am in fact a biker. And my wife, heaven help you if you get sideways with her.

The issue isn't that 'we the people' are bluffing. It's that there's fundamental divide now in what we think right and justice entail. That's created a seam that these Marxists are hammering.

Nobody tries this stuff out here because no such seam exists. It's only the cities; but the cities are in trouble. But that's not 'we,' it's them.

douglas said...

bdoran- You might note that last night in San Francisco, among others, they tore down the statues of St. Junipero Sierra and Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra- author of Don Quixote.

His is particularly ironic, as he never came to the New World, was a man of modest means at best, was disabled (left arm wounded at Lepanto), and was a slave- as a prisoner of war of the Turks for 6 years, until he was ransomed.

Clearly, their target is Western Civilization, nothing less.

Just as it is in pushing decisions like the one being discussed in the original post.

ymarsakar said...

Before humanity can reach the consciousness of the Golden Age, a certain amoutn of "burning it all down" is required to cleanse and purify the foundation for the new age.

How painful it is going to be... well, that's mostly not up to me. THat's up to humanity at large.

People have a choice. Even slave have a choice. I merely Watch, mostly.

Dad29 said...

How Trump should react to the DACA decision?

Ignore it. Full speed ahead. Let Roberts enforce it with all his armies.