Wild Atlanta

The Atlanta police in zones 3, 4, 5, and 6 are not at work tonight. That’s the core of the city, minus only a couple of rich Republican zones in the north.

Guess we will know more tomorrow about how much the city needs them.  Fire dispatch is down too, reportedly.


Eric Blair said...

I'm seeing lots of conflicting reports, including one guy on twitter who is driving around to all the precincts. (And finding police on duty).

Who knows?

That DA is corrupt trash, though.

ymarsakar said...

I'll ask the host to stop all the buses and transports carrying insurgents to Atlanta.

Should be do able tomorrow starting.

I would like to call down a pillar of fire on Antifa roaming around, if I see them on twitter, as they will be near my territory if targeting Atlanta, but there's all kinds of problems with that level of fire support.

A lot of times my request for support from the Heavens, takes a form unknown to me. I just get what I get.

Grim said...

Conflicting reports aside, you can listen to the radio yourself.

ymarsakar said...

The police are on duty, but I suspect just like in New Orleans, some will have gone "off grid" with their families or forted up incase Atlanta begins burning.

I mean during Katrina, ossifiers can either confiscate weapons and risk get killed, or return to their families by going AWOL and protect them. WHich seems logical?

It would be interesting to see how many of the AWOL LEOs have families and children to protect.

Atlanta PD, at least, would not have had the 40% prior resignations like Seattle or NYPD. Here, community ties are a lot stronger, however, they do not have the poewr to blockade Antifa from traveling to Atlanta, a travel hub.

They would need a Divine Intervention or miracle. As Atlanta is Demoncrat controlled. Thus, the same thing can happen. They are afraid they will be ordered to stand down and allow Antifa to riot and kill. Then when citizens react... they will be ordered to Put Down the Resistance.

And even for Atlanta Georgians... they are smart enough to realize who they will be up against. They won't fight for ANtifa or Demoncrats, against armed Georgians. THat would be suicide. Even more suicidal than trying to fight Antifa while being told to stand down.

ymarsakar said...

IT's generally not the highways that are in trouble. Rather, it is where the Marta routes go. Specifically to the Agnes Dei line, East line. These mass transits are able to move many from the city to a target or back again.They only need to bus them in from Nw, NE, West, etc.

The Agnes Dei East stops and lines, tend to be in neighborhoods that crime high. Buffered by Clarkston, that accepted a large amount of immigrants. They may hold localsecurity, or they may become the target.

Clarkston is to the West of Stone Mountain, approximately.

I don't have a police map of the crimes, but those are available online. One can track insurgents generally by the criminal reports and frequencies. Usually crime will go way up in a local region, and that creates a space for the insurgent "fishes".

The South Marta line leads directly to the heart of Atlanta's airport. That may have enough security, as I have not heard of Antifa penetrating airport security. Too hardened perhaps.

The North line fromt he heart o atlanta, leads to Midtown, where a lot of pan handlers live and operate. Even more north is North Springs. That place is likely protected by some other sphere or guardian, so I would discount that as a major target.

North West, there is no Marta line, only bus lines to Kennesaw/Marietta. These are near the Military air force reserve base, have a higher rent or quality of living, thus may be too hardened a target to start with.

Yes, the PD can shut down Marta, but the intel and the mayors/politicians that would be resposible for this order, will not give it. THey will facilitate Antifa, because insurgents do not operate alone. They operate due to a political party or platform, in support of. Even in Iraq this was so.

ymarsakar said...


These things sound a lot more like demonic possession.

Humanity, slaves to demons. That fits my foundation. This seems more like the field for priests, spiritualists, exorcists, and the Vatican's exorcist unit.

Yes, these could all be "planned" by Leftist insurgents... but I suspect not. Not everything can or should be blamed on Leftists.

Some people are just controlled avatarsof dark spirits that find it fun to mess around during chaos.