Free Americans

So the other night we saw the video with the guys who came down to protect protests and ended up preventing looting. At one point one says “If it was more than just four of us, we could go stop” looting.

However, the video only shows two.

Up the militia. Supporting each other’s natural rights, life, liberty, and property, without regard to the narrative that we ought to be defined by our differences. When the police fled and the state failed, free Americans together did right.


Ymar Sakar said...

No fallujah 2 incident? Maybe something june 21st eclipse will disclose.

Ymar Sakar said...

Free vs
.... what are unfree amis, slaves?

Grim said...

Fools, mostly.

douglas said...

Those guys were great- there was also a good local response in another area of armed citizen guards.

douglas said...

Ah, I see that's been posted already- excellent.

bdoran said...


Oh faithless leaders, oh faithless people defend yourselves.

Can anyone here justify a cop or a soldier defending Minneapolis?

Would you look at them in the face, as opposed to the Internet and say it?

I have friends on the line there tonight, I told them not to lift a finger.

Clown world ends when we stop defending Clown world.

Oh faithless leaders, oh faithless people defend yourselves.

ymarsakar said...

This clown world is not so bad. I have not yet told the Divine Counsel to destroy most of it and start over. Mostly because that's not an option any more

ymarsakar said...

One of the more useful functions of Oathkeepers (is that their name...) and 3 percenters, was to warn the police and LEOs about totalitarian illegal orders and also take up positions to defend businesses during riots. That was less publicized of course.

Also during the "Mormon" LDS main line branch siege in whatever land under Mormon LDS Reid vs Mormon LDS Bundy clan...., a whole bunch of "militia sorts" took over the highway overhang and thereabouts.

While the vast majority took up a "no cover" approach of a firing line (drone fodder, but I must be paranoid), there were some more "covert" boys hiding underneath some concrete while cars passed them by and they were defended by flankers.

Meanwhile, in this crowd/army rag tag of 30-100 militia, the US military had the BLM guys moving in SWAT single file, next to a car. Yeah, that makes sense. A single sniper can then just shoot all 5 of you with one bullet. Lol. Talk about a headshot.

ymarsakar said...

I just downloaded something off the Divine Net.

Fireworks as booby traps and anti mob shock bangs. More legal, cheaper, and less lethal. Those things are loud. They can halt a brownian motion borg zombie wave via confusion, mass panic, and a sound weapon that sounds like a bomb.

They are dual use, although people can still cited depending on ordinances for storing fireworks.

But I see Americans use them all the time on various holidays, so it can't be that restricted.

Also, another idea I have had is to use a drone, they seem to be popular, and just drop a bomb from it. That'll be rather useful.

The Deep Stat eand even the Leftist alliance, do not plan on using these riots as some kind of emergency rule. No, they think bigger than that. Think world wide collapse.

Texan99 said...

Neighborhood organization:

bdoran said...

Clown world is being normalized.

I’m glad self defense bands are forming.

Good luck.

And if I may offer some advice;
Don’t talk. Shoot.

ymarsakar said...

Don't shoot too many, cause you might kil la real human, not just some AI nanite run zombie.

Too many fatalities causes karmic backlash, tying you down to the Cabal's territory that they control with slave masters.