Judgmental Map of Atlanta

Inspired by AVI's map of Massachusetts stereotypes, I looked for a similar map of Georgia. There isn't one, probably because the kind of clever Buzzfeed-types who make such maps don't know anything about Georgia. Outside of Atlanta and perhaps Savannah, the whole thing would be marked, "Here be Dragons."

But I did find a map of the closer-in parts of metro Atlanta that fits the bill.

I went to High School in "Prime Real Estate." The part they call "The Mexico," which is properly known as Chamblee, I've always heard called "Chambodia." It has at least as many Asian immigrants as Mexican ones, and it's an excellent source for authentic cuisine from anywhere. If you hit the area, try Los Americas or El Taco Veloz.


Eric said...


"Rich White people AND Rich Black people living together in rich unity".

I guess there is hope for us yet.

Grim said...

Atlanta is the City Too Busy to Hate. That's its honor, and it is an honor. On the other hand, 'there's a price, barbarian.' It's also the city too busy to have principles, and it overrides the rest of a state which has them.

Grim said...

I grew up way off the map, straight north beyond the borders. But I went to college in the crossroads right at the center, in the area too full of description to specify.

Anonymous said...

Well, they nailed the area where I went to college spot on. Aging hippies, college faculty, and faux Tudor architecture just down the road (the Cup and Chaucer coffee shop and book store).

I do miss the Dekalb Farmers' Market, though.