An Interesting Point

I don't know who Daredevil is, but I gather it's a superhero thing. Nevertheless, I was over at Brandwine Books to see what Lars Walker has been writing about recently, and he has a post that discusses the series. I found this point interesting:
When Kingpin calls Vanessa on the carpet for concealed carry, viewers learn that she’s not some ingénue, but rather an empowered woman with her own ambitions: “We’ve been sitting here talking for hours, and you’re going to insult me like I have no idea what you really do? … I know you’re a dangerous man. That’s why I brought a gun to a dinner date.”
Way back when we were first dating, it was a point in my future wife's favor for me that she carried a knife. Though she later admitted to me that she wasn't used to men who carried guns, she accepted it as a risk worth taking for me.

For me, it's kind of neat to see that sort of thing reflected in fiction.


MikeD said...

Yeah, but I question her choice of a .22

Grim said...

Give the .22 its due. It has its place.

Texan99 said...

I'm a bit of a Dean Koontz fan. His female characters tend to have brains (along with a conscience, as all his characters do unless they're clearly identified as psychopathic villains). Not infrequently, his female characters also are carrying arms and proficient in their use. The male characters aren't slouches, either. Also, he's dog-happy and a wild-eyed Catholic.