Guns Save Lives

Sometimes, they're the right lives.

You can increase your odds of it turning out right by practicing and training regularly.


raven said...

And most important of all, even more than being armed and trained, is listening to that little bug in your ear, quietly whispering "something is not right". you may not know WHAT is not right, but it will cue you to go to a acutely aware posture. It has saved me many times. Attackers count on victims being passive, and reactive in nature. Slipping inside their set of expectations and going proactive is disconcerting to them. Proactive can mean running away as fast as you can, it does not have to be violent- but it will put the decision making in your hands, not theirs.
Sometimes just looking at them will turn an assault away, if one has the history for it. A significant portion of the people who read here at the Hall probably have those eyes. The eyes that say,"you can have peace, or pieces, choose wisely".
My own favorite martial art is a ancient one, used widely in the mysterious orient. It is called "Ni Kee Flew Far Fast"...

Ymar Sakar said...

Sounds like you've been doing some research, Raven.

Mastering beasts and mastering human predators, are a related skill set. That's probably why people who lived in the wilderness alone, had interesting reputations. And why certain segments of uncivilized humans tend to be ruled by strongmen or warrior leaders. An animal would understand the necessity of that, without the need for human morality to question it.