Friday Night AMV

Don't Smoke.

(This is very clever editing, because I've seen this series and this is *not* what it is about at all.)


Grim said...

Clever editing is good. Not smoking is better. Not that I care what people do -- do what you want.

Eric Blair said...

Well, that was a kind of ironic comment on the song itself, but I do have a cigar now and then.

Grim said...

I smoked cigars in Iraq. It was the only thing General Order #1 would let us do for pleasure, so once in a while we'd smoke one. For a few years after I got back, I'd have one now and then (mostly to remember friends from Iraq). Right now I've got one that's been sitting in a humidor case for months and months. I may smoke it, or not.

Probably will, on the 4th of July. I like to light fuses with the things. :)