DB: "Salon Editors: We Should Have Let the Axis Win"

The only reason the aircraft that dropped the bomb on Hiroshima was named Enola Gay was so the military industrial complex could blame the dawn of the atomic age on the LGBT community. The American experiment has been nothing but a massive plot to denigrate protected classes.

Let’s be candid, it’s taken over 70 years for Americans to have a serious conversation about National Socialism and firmly divide people along racial lines. Thanks a lot “Allies.”

During that time, what has America actually done for the world? Given us an addiction to technologies dependent on fossil fuels? Domestic surveillance techniques? Patriarchy? The great American melting pot is more like a great American chop shop of appropriated culture.
Their satire is at its best when it is so close to the truth. I have read serious versions of this argument pointed at the first World War.


Gringo said...

Another example of their satire: Pentagon kills defense reporter after toddler falls into press enclosure.

Eric Blair said...

There was a definite case for staying out of the 1st World War, and a totally strict neutrality (not selling anything to any of the belligerents) most likely would have ended the war by 1916, maybe even 1915, as the Allies would have been broke. As it was, the allies needed American money, American materiel, and finally American soldiers to win it.

Grim said...

Yeah, I've read quite serious articles arguing that the world would have been a better place if Germany had won the first world war. No Hitler, no WWII, no Holocaust.

Eric Blair said...

Whether the world would have been a better place or not, I dunno. Conterfactuals can be totally weird. But they are sometimes a useful tool for thinking about things.