VFW: Speak For Yourself, Buddy... er, Mr. President

The Veterans of Foreign Wars were not amused by President Obama's recent suggestion that their membership are fools.


Gringo said...

Link corrected.

Grim said...

According to Mr. Hines (a few posts down), the link was right to start with. He thinks Google is screwing with FOX News. I don't see anything wrong with the one in the OP, for that matter. It just doesn't work for some reason, unless you cut and paste it into a new window.

Ymar Sakar said...

At least Hussein isn't putting the names of Veterans on drone kill lists, then forgetting about them.

Or at least, people have no knowledge that this has been or will be done. Just as they had no fore knowledge of Waco 1 or Waco 2, Ft Hood 1 or 2, before it happened.