NYT Headline: "Trump Could Threaten U.S. Rule of Law, Scholars Say."

Where've you been these last few years?

Trump is the only one who even might prosecute top members of the Clinton machine. If Hillary Clinton is elected, it'll be open season for high-level corruption, the sale of American power to the highest bidder, and bribery on a scale never seen before in the United States.

I don't know if Trump would be good or bad for the rule of law. But I know he can hardly be worse. What's surprising to me is that the Times can't see how ridiculous it is to put forward the Clinton machine as Guardian of the Rule of Law.

I can see the slogan now: 'Vote Fox for Henhouse Sheriff!'

UPDATE: Related: "We’re all thinking the same thing but an RNC spokesman was the first to get to say it: Of the two major-party nominees this year, it ain’t Trump who mishandled classified information."

UPDATE: Also related: We hear about how Trump marks the rise of brownshirt fascism, but somehow it's his rallies that keep getting attacked by mobs.

None of this stuff is of the tu quoque fallacy. It's not that Trump's opponents do it too. It's that the charge that he does it overlooks the fact that his opponent is far worse on all of these issues.


E Hines said...

None of this stuff is of the tu quoque fallacy. It's not that Trump's opponents do it too.

Nor is it the Trump crowd who justify misbehavior--of any sort--on the basis of others do it or did it, too. It's the Left who drumbeats the so-what, I didn't do anything others haven't done--Powell and Rice did personal email, too, for instance.

It's the Left, after all, who insist that nothing is inherently moral or immoral, right or wrong, but rather the rightness/morality of the thing stems solely from whether others do it.

Eric Hines

Ymar Sakar said...

There is the US Rule of Law here...

Amazing Duffel satire fictional writing there. I cannot even imagine the work of artistry they would have needed for that.