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HotAir reports that the "anonymous" whistleblower no longer wants to testify in the House's secret Star Chamber proceedings. It also points out, however, that the Schiff Show won't always be in charge of all the decisions about who gets to testify:
If Democrats vote to impeach Trump, a trial must begin in the Senate, where Republicans will control all of the processes that Schiff currently controls. It’s all but certain that Senate Republicans will take a very keen interest in just how this all started, and might start issuing subpoenas to House attorneys to testify as to their contacts with this whistleblower. They could also subpoena the whistleblower himself, although certain safeguards would still apply, but it might be sufficient to force transparency on House committee staffers in establishing who participated in this whistleblowing, at what time, and for what purpose.
At any rate, the fact that Democrats no longer want the whistleblower to participate in this process is not going to deter Republicans from pursuing this issue. In fact, it might just raise a big red flag for Lindsey Graham when — or if — he gets the case.
Maybe the plan is never actually to vote to impeach, but only to spend the entire time between now and November 2020 calling witnesses in secret and selectively releasing portions of their testimony. That's going to form an interesting counterpoint to the long-awaited Horowitz IG report and whatever indictments John Durham plans to hand down.


Ymar Sakar said...

Why is civil war inevitable? Do not look at me, i am not debriefed on why. I guess it is the same reason for epsten and elite child pedo slave rings that are immune to the fbi.

Ymar Sakar said...

That is a plausible plan. However, this is what i got briefed 9n plus my own analysis.

They are trying to start a war of annihilation. Good old demoncrat false flag method. Howard piven.

To do tha5, they need red to hate fea4 blue and v8ce versa. Then they will drop a nuke or mass casualty event to spice it up. Given the recent school shootings are dry runs, i conclude if 1 mil red blue children die, you humans will use fear and turn on each other, worse than zombie apoc.

To counter this strat, countermeasures are being put into place. No idea how competent or incompetent. I am 9nly in charge of my plan.

Also why... because ds does notvwant to be prosecuted for war crimes. Epstein is small fry in ds. Greater evils and horrors await.

E Hines said...

Maybe the Senate will (I think they should) subpoena Schiff, too, to ask about his personal involvement in coaching the whistleblower, as well as his coaching of witnesses during their questioning by Republicans over the course of the Schiff Star Chamber. His and Pelosi's squalling over the Senate calling him to testify will be instructive, regardless of the outcome of the subpoena. Which should be quickly determined with CJ Roberts presiding and no ability to duck and cover to protect his (oops, I mean the Supreme Court's) legacy.

Maybe the plan is never actually to vote to impeach, but only to spend the entire time between now and November 2020 calling witnesses in secret and selectively releasing portions of their testimony.

I've long thought it to be the Progressive-Democrats' plan, in order to prejudice the 2020 elections once it became clear they'd failed to prejudice the 2016 elections. No less a light than Rashida Tlaib announced the game in her 2018 victory speech, the election year in which the Progressive-Democrats gained control of the House and the means of effecting their plan.

Eric Hines

Dad29 said...

The leaker has another problem. It's entirely possible that his leaking, given his position, is a criminal offense.

Pajama Boy doesn't want to do time in Club Fed.

ymarsakar said...

Recently people began pushing back and questioning Ymar's conclusions and intel analysis.

My point would be, it doesn't matter whether people believe the conclusions or not. The facts of the matter are not something they can contest.

But why does it matter, given the Deep State and impending civil war?

Because, if the Deep State has access to unknown technologies... that's going to change the tactical and strategic field here. The options will be more limited or more unlimited.

ymarsakar said...

The Harvest is already progressing.

For more details, they can read:

Where I described how the harvest will work.

Politicians, war, and the DS is no longer the primary concern. The primary concern is which path you will be sent to, and that will be based on your free choice. Choose well, for time is running short.

Anonymous said...

Dad29, that could well be a very serious concern, given how other investigations seem to be proceeding.