Katie, We Hardly Knew Ya

I actually only first heard of her when the story broke about her having multiple affairs with both sexes, while naked bong-smoking and nude hair brushing.  And now she’s already gone, just as she promised to be the most entertaining Congressperson since I can’t say when.

Nice of her to blame misogyny for her downfall, though. It was the affair with the female staffer by a female Congressperson that got noted female Nancy Pelosi to demand her resignation. I didn’t ask her to leave. I’d have rather she stayed. You can’t pay for entertainment like that, and it’s not like her district is apt to send anyone better.

Oh well.


E Hines said...

As with so many other such situations, no one forced her out. She chose to cut and run entirely voluntarily. And she'd really done nothing worse than commit a violation for which an ethics lecture on the floor of the house would have been sufficient sanction.

Worse, by doing so, she thoroughly insulted her constituents by saying to them she didn't trust them enough to let them make their own choice about her in a few short months.

Eric Hines

Gringo said...

The mainstream media hasn't made much of the discovery Katie Hill is a grade A hypocrite when it comes to sexual misconduct. Two years ago she tweeted a list of male politicians and celebrities guilty of sexual misconduct- Bill Clinton is not on the list.

HOO-BOY! Katie Hill’s 2017 tweet pointing out why we should put more women in positions of leadership has NOT aged well.
Life comes at you fast.
Especially on Twitter.
Katie Hill’s tweet from 2017 pointing out several men who have been accused of sexually harassing, assaulting women (and some who have been proven predators) as a way to claim we need more women in positions of leadership has not aged well.
Like, at all.
Take a look.
Donald Trump
Roy Moore
Bill Cosby
Harvey Weinstein
Louis CK
Jeffrey Tambor
Brett Ratner
Al Franken
Ed Westwick
Hamilton Fish
Leon Wieseltier
Terry Richardson
Mark Halperin
Roy Price
Kevin Spacey
Here's an idea. How about we put more women in positions of leadership?
— Katie Hill (@KatieHill4CA) November 20, 2017

Katie Hill was also out-front in denouncing Brett Kavanaugh, calling him a "sexual predator."
Just WOW: Katie Hill tweeted SOOO much trash about Kavanaugh last year and gosh, was she PROJECTING or what.
I quickly opposed the Kavanaugh nomination because he is a threat to reproductive health, campaign finance reform, and our workforce. But now we’re talking about putting a serial predator up for a lifetime appointment in the highest seat we have in the U.S. That can’t happen.
— Katie Hill (@KatieHill4CA) September 26, 2018

The left loves to talk about the televangelist caught in a hotel room with a floozy. Hypocrite, they cry. As Katie Hill has gone out of her way to denounce sexual misconduct and even allegations of sexual misconduct, she should hold herself to the same standards she imposes on others. As she doesn't she is a hypocrite.

Gringo said...

What MSM or lefty-if-not-MSM media I have looked at, in discussing Katie Hill's resignation has made minimal or no mention of Katie Hill's self-righteous tweets against sexual misconduct.

The WaPo article on her resignation makes no mention of her tweets on Brett Kavanaugh.

Vox does mention Brett Kavanaugh, but makes no mention of Katie Hill's self-righteous tweets on Brett Kavanaugh.The double standard at play in Katie Hill’s resignation
But it’s not just within the halls of Congress that Hill’s defenders see a double standard: Other men who’ve been credibly accused of sexual misconduct include Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who was confirmed despite multiple allegations of sexual assault, and Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax, who’s been accused of sexual assault. (Both men deny these allegations.)

It's not a double standard for Katie Hill to call Brett Kavanaugh a "serial predator" while her sexual activity violates House ethics norms? It is a stretch for Vox to call the accusations against Brett Kavanaugh "credible," given that none of Blasey Ford's peers could corroborate anything that she claimed happened. What party? When? Where?

The Daily Beast DOES make mention of Katie Hill's self-righteous tweets against Brett Kavanaugh, but only in the sense that her denunciations of Kavanaugh made her a target. Katie Hill Resignation Exposes Sexual-Misconduct Double Standards.

Being young (32), new this year in Congress, openly bisexual, and a vocal critic of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh had already made Hill a target for opponents and shit-stirrers. This gave someone looking to stir up negative publicity a receptive audience—one that Hill says her soon-to-be ex-husband weaponized, by providing intimate photos and details to RedState and the Daily Mail, showing the couple’s polyamorous relationship with a young woman who worked on Hill's congressional campaign.

The Daily Beast never considerd the possibility that those who denounce sexual misconduct, and also engage in some form of sexual misconduct themselves, are rank hypocrites. Like they say, "People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones."

This media treatment of Katie Hill's rank hypocrisy is one more example of why the media is worthless. Instapundit did well.

Christopher B said...

Eric, my understanding is that the House rules on sexual contact with staff have been significantly toughened in recent years, and that Pelosi almost directly demanded Hill's resignation. That doesn't square with her punishment being simply a stern lecture. I think she faced more serious discipline.

E Hines said...

Christopher, that much is true, but it's still the case that no one forced her to resign. She ran on her own initiative; she denied her constituents their choice regarding her on her own initiative. She could have said, "No, I won't resign. Impeach me. Discovery will be fun." The Ethics "conviction" and lecture likely is all she'd have to have faced.

Gringo has suggested above how quickly her fellows would have forgotten the matter.

Eric Hines