Major Gabbard Worries the Democratic Establishment

She's only polling around three percent for now, but her attacks on Hillary Clinton -- and her heresy on abortion as well as foreign wars -- seem to have scared the party into backing her primary opponent.

She responded by declaring she wouldn't seek re-election to her House seat at all, but would focus on becoming President. That's shaken them up a bit.

So she's now a right-winger! A Russian Spy!

They're sounding a little bit crazy these days. I wonder if they're aware of the tinge of hysteria that is creeping into their collective voice.


Gringo said...

Recall Ronald Reagan's 11th commandment to not speak ill of another Republican. Good team form to not speak badly of another on your team, which Tulsi is doing now. But as she is responding to being badmouthed, I guess it evens out. Who began it? I suspect Hillary. Hillary was telling us two decades ago of a "right wing conspiracy." Easy to go into "Russian conspiracy"mode- which she has been saying for three years now.

I am so glad that Hillary is still running, though given what I think of Hillary, I doubt that would please her.

Ymar Sakar said...

Sounds like mw.

Humans need combine vs darkbforces.