The Great Cattle Raid of Eastern Lakes

Apparently a common and ongoing practice in South Sudan.
In South Sudan, brideprices may be anything from 30 to 300 cows. “For young men, the acquisition of so many cattle through legitimate means is nearly impossible,” write Ms Hudson and Ms Matfess. The alternative is to steal a herd from the tribe next door. In a country awash with arms, such cattle raids are as bloody as they are frequent. “7 killed, 10 others wounded in cattle raid in Eastern Lakes,” reads a typical headline in This Day, a South Sudanese paper. The article describes how “armed youths from neighbouring communities” stole 58 cows, leaving seven people—and 38 cows—shot dead “in tragic crossfire”.

Thousands of South Sudanese are killed in cattle raids every year. “When you have cows, the first thing you must do is get a gun. If you don’t have a gun, people will take your cows,” says Jok, a 30-year-old cattle herder in Wau, a South Sudanese city. He is only carrying a machete, but he says his brothers have guns.

Jok loves cows. “They give you milk, and you can marry with them,” he smiles.
It sounded cooler when Cúchulainn was doing it.


ymarsakar said...

A 10 cow woman when every other woman brought 1-3 cows.

That was a very strange story.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Or cattle rustlers of the Old West.

In the Great African Rift, where this economy has been practiced at high altitude for centuries, we get the greatest distance runners in the world. You have to run far to get cattle, drive them into the hills, then run far with them before the owners notice.

I often despair for South Sudan for this reason. Young men want brides and cattle are the main currency for this. Danger is secondary.

ymarsakar said...

I often despair for South Sudan for this reason. Young men want brides and cattle are the main currency for this. Danger is secondary.

All of that will slowly go again as the Earth itself becomes a conscious collective hive mind of individuals.

Thus American individualism will be balanced with Singapore/Japanese purify/mindfulness/social ethic/harmony/obedience to group mind.

This will purify Africa of its land curse or other issues, from Islam. It may take awhile though.

Qaddafi had several good things going for Libya, including the highest living standards (not a Castro which reversed it for Cuba, and not Iran either after Mullahs exiled the last Shah of Iran with Jimmah's help). He was also creating an independent banking system based on gold. NATO decided he had to go bye bye for that. Now look at Libya after your American "intervention" of justice and righteousness.

Great, right?

Africans when they try to pull themselves up, you Westerners slam them back down again. Be proud, America First, as Satan was proud.

ymarsakar said...

Facebook/social media is already a prototype of this world wide web and internet. Things will only get more intense as time and tech goes on, but also spiritually not technologically.

African can remain at 17th century tech and they will still benefit.

Larry said...


I also thought of the Hound, his warp-spasm, and his war chariot.

ymarsakar said...

The world is burning. Sounds about right to me.

Texan99 said...

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She heard the the cows lowing o'er hill and o'er brae
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