Can this marriage be saved?

From Stephen Kruiser at PJ Media:
Face it, we don't like each other much anymore, the Right and Left in America. We've been heading toward this for a while. I blame Hillary Clinton, partially because she's so adept at being unlikeable, but mostly because I believe she is more than likely Satan's latest incarnation on Earth.


Ymar Sakar said...

Satan? No she is not actually. She works under a few but even those are not incarnations.

A dark sith like incarnation has similar powers to an armada or yeshua. But they would be suicidal to incarnate. They will get surrounded by angels and sons of god.

Humans know next to nothing about satans, their spirit brothers

Ymar Sakar said...

Who did incarnate as enemy of god? Gengh8s khan. Rasputin.

They became worthy to be the supply clerks of the dark empire of the satans. Meaning in hierarchy of power, they are way weaker than the arch devils. I use these terms because there are no others that can ve easily understood by most humans

E Hines said...

Why would I want to save this...marriage? Why would I want to stay tied to a spouse that holds me in such contempt and who wants so desperately to ruin my pocketbook for reasons of--it exists?

It's too bad guys like Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg don't have the stones to start a third party and grow it to replace the Progressive-Democratic Party.

Our republic does need a viable and honest alternative to the Republican Party so we can continue the safety of two-party debates and politics. As it is, we are in a war for the soul of our nation, and like all wars, we might lose.

Eric Hines

Texan99 said...

Exactly. I'd like to see the existing R and D parties merger, and face off against a new party for sane people.

ymarsakar said...

For those interested in why Marianne Williamson and others think Love is more powerful than a (quantum) bomb/WMD.

Anonymous said...

Texan, perhaps a Whiskey Party, for times when TEA isn't strong enough? ;)


douglas said...

LR, I don't know if you could get enough people on board with that. May bring to mind ideas of rebellion to some.