Operation Kayla Mueller

According to the New York Post:

The military operation targeting Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was named for Kayla Mueller, the humanitarian aid worker the terrorist leader captured and tortured until her death in 2015.

Mueller, of Prescott, Ariz., was 25 when she was taken captive by ISIS in August 2013 after crossing the Turkish border into Syria to visit a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Aleppo. She was held for 18 months before her death was announced in 2015.
An appropriate name for such an operation.

Ranger Up marks the occasion as well.

Update: USA Today has an interview with Mueller's parents, a sad but satisfying exchange.


ymarsakar said...

They finally died, after your last President Hussein covered his allies with so much protection.

Thank the gods that fire support finally went through.

A lot of things I send upstairs, gets acted upon. Although this one, i would have to say, I wasn't aware of so it was some other one in the group mind/alliance.

I am surprised the patriotic military can even do anything given Hussein's purges, the internal Deep State corruption, and the various other evil society shenanigan stuff going on (MIC style).

ymarsakar said...

At the dining table, Carl made a list of questions for the president. “If you don’t write it down, you forget in the moment,” Carl said. “It’s very intimidating.”

I find her reaction typical of Americans, especially patriotic military families.

What is the big deal with the so called Leader of the Free World? He's just some human smuck that has been given authority and allowed by the Powers That (Should not be) to represent the Face of hierarchical power.

They aren't big shots. Certainly not compared to standing in the presence of a Son of God, the Divine Council of 9, or the True Creator.

What can these Presidential type leaders even do? Kill me? Torture me?

I also find the comments by Reaper sniper and others very strange. Suicide if you get captured or are about to be captured? What is up with that. They don't teach Army guys how to kill people while naked, is that it? They need their hands to do any MMA style wrestling?

Unless ISIL amputates your legs and arms and puts your head in a Iron Man Cage trap... you can kill enough of them to make them kill you. Then again I suppose that is crazy talk for the lesser government employees trained by the Deep State standards.

This human fear of your leaders, goons, elite child pedos, and whatever else is in DC, is very negative and Left hand path. It's not productive for the future group mind consciousness.

ymarsakar said...

Counter Argument: Trum is good!

Y: Joe Biden. Hillary Clinton. John Fing Kerry.

Do I need the entire list of your Congress critters too being blackmailed by Epstein and Company and PillowC too?

McRaven, where you at Raven, get over here and start talking coup. That'll balance Ymar's crazy right.

Humanity is full of creep incarnations that need to die sooner rather than later. Just kill.

No argue. No Alinsky. No war. No Conflict. No learning from enemy. No becoming like enemy. No moralizing. No legalities. No lawfare. No UN. No authorization from Presidents and militaries.

Just, kill.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Remember how she was treated the next time moral equivalence is thrown at you.