Common Ground: What about Daily News?

Where do the folks at the Hall get their daily news?

For me, I tend to go to aggregators first:

Real Clear Politics (and its associated sites) does a great job, I think. I particularly like that they'll put opposing articles on top of each other. E.g., from today's RCP:

Clinton Harmed Our Country & Helped Our Adversaries - John Schindler, NY Observer
Hillary Clinton Is the Change America Needs - John Stoehr, The Week

The Drudge Report

Then, I like to follow USA Today, because I like to think it's what the average American who is not totally consumed by politics would see every day instead of all the stuff I read.

I'm afraid I only read a few blogs on a daily or near daily basis. In addition to the Hall:

Ace of Spades

There are a couple of conservative / conservativish sites I check daily:

The Federalist -- One of my favorite places, these days.
PJ Media

I have to confess that I think I should be reading a broader range of stuff. For example, I do little to keep up with what Progressives are saying, or defense news, or international news sources.

So what do you read on a regular basis?


james said...

Rantburg is another aggregator. I also pick up a few news sites (e.g. Liberian Observer) that you may not care about so much.

Tom said...

Interesting. Why those sites?

Also, this is really to see what those in the Hall read, not to find things I'm interested in (though I'm assuming I will find interesting things), so feel free to put them out there. The whole "Common Ground" series is designed to help us understand each other.

Unknown said...

Daily Mail, first, Instapundit, Maggies Farm, Althouse, Grims Hall, Assistant Village Idiot, followed by WestHunt, Dienekes, and Unz. Sometimes BBC and Real Clear Politics.

Ymar Sakar said...

People send me stuff. I only read 1-2 blogs between 2008 and 2012. It takes time and isolation to develop the analysis tools needed to differentiate truth from deception.

Texan99 said...

HotAir and Ace, mostly, plus whatever my husband forwards from the WSJ. In recent months I've sharply dropped off in my keeping up, not sure why, perhaps campaign fatigue, perhaps growing revulsion with the Republican Party establishment, despair over the body politic, that sort of thing.

Grim said...

I read COL Maxwell's feed, which he calls the "Informal Institute for National Security Thinkers and Practitioners."

I also read the Drudge Report and Instapundit. I rarely read Ace.

I read Arts & Letters Daily more or less daily.

I get a lot of news off Facebook these days, as friends of various kinds are interested in a lot of things that differ from my own interests. Since my friends are of a wide range of political views, I get a wide range of information and news in that way. It's the best real advice I can give here: not that you should read this or that site, but that you should cultivate friendships with intelligent and decent people of many different views.

tyreea said...

Ace of Spades
Patterico (Los Angeles)
Grim's Hall

I read the the local Sunday paper here in Orange County, CA.

Facebook works as place to start research. Few articles that I see linked are worth reading.

Cassandra said...

I don't read many blogs at all - never have. Now I hardly read any, but like Tex I don't read nearly as much as I used to.

On days when I have time, I generally check:

Wall Street Journal

Daily Mail - for the variety and stupid news items.

Real Clear Politics (not just the front tab - I like the Defense, Policy, History, Markets, and Science tabs and also the sidebar items in each).

Memeorandum - Memeorandum seems to me to be slightly left leaning, but I love the high level view it provides of "which sides reacts to which stories". And it provides a little balance to my otherwise right leaning reading list.

Instapundit - I check it every day and maybe click on 1 link in 20-30. It's better now that it has multiple authors. I had pretty much given up on it for a long while when it seemed to revolve around 3-4 memes, most of which I thought were kind of dumb. Now it's a pretty good source for opinion. Not so much for news.

Grim's Hall

Heterodox Academy

Other blogs/sites I check from time to time:


Econlog and Marginal Revolution

McArdle @ Bloomberg

Slate Star Codex has some interesting reads - don't check it frequently, but when I do am usually glad I did. Good post up now about social vs. economic class.


Manhattan Institute

Pacific Std and The Atlantic (ideological balance, again)

Slate (for eye rolling content only)

ColoComment said...

Speaking of common ground.... Did anyone here used to read the Neptunus Lex blog? It began in 2003 and was written by a Naval aviator who was also well-steeped in history, literature and philosophy, Carrol LeFon. He had an awesome following, mostly military and ex-military types, but also those (like me) who stumbled into his blog more or less by accident, and went back for the quality that was innit.

I ask, because one of his blog followers has organized almost 300 of Lex's posts and is going to post one a day at a blog site that was set up after Lex's 2012 death in an aircraft accident.

He started today, with an introduction to Lex:

ColoComment said...


Cassandra said...

Lex was a good guy, and is still greatly missed.

MikeD said...

Lex was a good guy, and is still greatly missed.

Truer words were never written. But for the record, Cass, while it was not as gut wrenching or final as the end of Lex's blog, I felt much the same loss when you announced your stepping down from blogging. My great hope is that I will continue to see your wit and wisdom here.

Cass said...

Mike, that is very kind of you, and it means more to me that I know how to express.

Thank you.

Eric Blair said...

Daily Mail
Twitter (gotta know who to follow)
Grim's Hall.

I also read Neptunus Lex until the accident.

douglas said...

Aggregator- mainly Ace. I'd prefer it was less a locker room environment, but the interests of the contributors seems to fit my interests fairly well for general info.

Never liked the visual overload of Drudge, and you have to check in regularly or you miss things, also lack of editing means you have a larger stream of info to sort through, which I dislike about most aggregator sites.

Blog- The Hall is about all I have time for beyond that which I go looking for on my own or by referral. For years, Blackfive was a daily essential (and where I found Grim), but that's fallen away in the last few years.

Being in Los Angeles, I spend a fair amount of time in the car- so Radio is important to me, mainly Dennis Prager and Hugh Hewitt. It was also a good way to nudge my lovely bride to the right without me being the one pushing all the time! Hopefully, the kids get a little by osmosis from that too. My wife has grown into a political junkie of sorts, and keeps cable news on all the time while working out of house, mainly Fox. I must admit it keeps you aware of where most other people are, depressing as that sometimes is.

In the last few years, I've made a point to move away from contemporary news and entertainment and tried to move more into the great books and philosophy. Without too much time for reading, it's slow, but quite effective.

Twitter at certain times- like during debates.