Flop Top Beer

The DUI rules have tightened a very great deal since this song was recorded. These days you'd go to jail for a long time just for doing a hundred, if they caught you. If they did.

I understand Ireland has repealed DUI laws for the countryside, and only enforces them in the city. They decided it was better, and less of a risk to everyone overall, to let country people drink in pubs together than to make them drink alone at home. Probably less of a risk to let them drive a hundred on country backroads, too, than to chase them down.


Gringo said...

Flop Top Beer: how many people nowadays can identify what a "church key" is? When you don't need a church key to open a cool one, the word disappears from common usage.

I wonder what the effect of the Irish no-rural-DUI will be. Perhaps if sober rural folk keep off the roads after last call- maybe an hour before to an hour after- the damage will be confined to the drunk. In a small village, wouldn't it be easier for the barkeep to drive them home? If the barkeep were sober.

Grim said...

Not sure. Twenty years ago, Atlanta had a serious discussion of ending high speed police chases in the city. It came after one accidentally led to deaths of innocent bystanders. That's more a city problem: in the country, by night especially, you'd mostly be risking yourself and the local deer.

Ymar Sakar said...

The way the Japanese seem to handle alcohol parties is to have the room also serve as a communal hotel. That way when people get drunk, they just wake up tomorrow. They aren't expected to go home, necessarily.

I wonder if Irish pubs work the same way, if it has food and support hygiene for the capacity.

The paradigm is that DUI is on the roads, so people try to keep alcohol off the drivers on the roads.