Sanders is ahead of Clinton in Iowa polls

By more than the margin of error.  Ok, I really need the Hall to talk me out of this.  South Carolina is an open primary state.  Frankly, none of the down ticket races are of any interest to me, and all of the Republican candidates frankly are rather poor.  I may actually grab a Democratic ballot and vote for Sanders this primary season.  Not because I like him, or want him to be President.  But because I literally cannot stand Hillary Clinton at this point.  Is this wrong?  It certainly doesn't feel right.


Grim said...

I'm not going to talk you out of it, but anyone thinking of joining you needs to register to vote today. Literally today: after today, registration for the election is closed.

Grim said...

And, by the way, I think that stopping the Clinton campaign is the single most important thing we need to accomplish this election. Whatever else follows, her Presidency would be guaranteed to be singularly corrupt and lawless. That it would also be bent against everything we believe in is true, but Sanders' might be as well. Yet he represents a vast, vast improvement simply because he is an honest man.

raven said...

That's the rub, eh? We are faced with either a sea of corruption (think the origin of the word, diseased rotting bodies spewing noxious gases and crawling with maggots) or a bubbling lagoon of unadulterated slack-jawed drooling commie lunacy.

Now toss the dice- historically,, true believers seem to be more efficient at wholesale murder than the corrupt.

Grim said...

I'm not too afraid that Bernie Sanders is going to order up death camps. If he does, though, he'll start with Congress because they'll be his first steadfast opposition. I'm not sure he has one idea that is likely to pass either house, should he become President.

If Congressmen start mysteriously dying, or being rounded up or compelled, then we'll know the time has come.

Anonymous said...

It's late, so the deadline has passed, but I would offer this:

It's voter's choice. The voters get to pick their party and their candidate. The whole point of having elections is to allow the voter, not the party, to choose.

There is nothing immoral about crossing party lines to make a strategic choice.


MikeD said...

There is nothing immoral about crossing party lines to make a strategic choice.

Logically I know that to be true, but it feels dishonest. If the general election came down to Bernie Sanders or a dead cat, then I suspect the dead cat is the better candidate. So, by voting for him in the primary, even as simply the lesser of two evils, I feel like I am giving him some form of approval. But if the election was down to Clinton or Sanders, I'm with Grim. He believes in an economic policy that has brought more misery and suffering to more of humanity than pretty much any other economic policy else ever tried (including feudalism), but I don't expect he'll actually try to call out the military to enforce his diktats. Clinton I believe would. And hate them while she did it.