The Candidate of Muscling You Along

An interesting observation from The Intercept: in terms of union nominations, Hillary Clinton wins the union's nomination whenever the leadership of the union decides whom to nominate. If the membership decides, the endorsement goes to Sanders.

I have noticed that seems to apply to left-wing political action organizations like MoveON, too. They set a high bar for endorsement, saying that they'd only endorse a candidate if a three-quarters supermajority sided one of the candidates. Sanders won. Likewise with Howard Dean's PAC, which put the matter to a vote and got a vast supermajority for Sanders.

Even members of the old Clinton administration are starting to break away: yesterday, Robert Reich endorsed Sanders.

For now, before anybody has voted (and before the FBI has made its impact known), Clinton has a narrowing national lead. She's hoping that superdelegates, union leaders, and other power players will pull everyone into line.

Maybe not.


Ymar Sakar said...

She'll be lucky if she gets a pardon from Hussein. Her fate is in his hands now, as always.

It won't be an indictment, necessarily, or a fair trial. The Left doesn't tend to do things like that, now that they have come out of the Shadows.

ColoComment said...

Union leadership considers itself part of the "ruling class" & figures it'll eat from the taxpayer- and deficit-financed trough. Everyone else is just looking for "free" stuff, a la Sanders.

How in hell can a candidate win in politics today if he preaches: you'll get fewer government handouts; and you need to get a real education (meaning, learn to do something that will allow you to be financially independent), take responsibility for supporting and defending yourself and your family, and it's up to you to work hard and save for your own health care needs and old age years?

That's just not a winning message. :-(