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Ever notice that when we in the US talk about putting up a wall, it's to keep people out, but every time a socialist country talks about it, it's to keep people in?  Yeah, I wonder why you'd have to keep people from leaving your socialist paradise?  It's a mystery.

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J Melcher said...

Yeah, I'd like to know how many refugees from war-torn or criminal-gang-afflicted regions are headed for Cuba or Nicaragua? Or Dubai or Kuwait or Jordan or Oman or even Yemen? How many are seeking refuge in places where the hosts would speak the same language, with similar climate and economic opportunities, only with (presumably) better safer government?

I got another question I'd like to see researched and addressed. How many of the alien workers in the US ( whether legally here on H1/B visas or having arrived without documents via poorly controlled channels ) are here with the intent of, and investing any significant part of their income in, becoming home-owners? Set aside the issue of citizenship for a second. Home-owners. Do they invest in the long-term real property and value of their communities -- or do they touch lightly down in an apartment, group home, spare room in the extended family's shelter... sending money earned in a US job "home" to some other nation and economy?

Surely some do and some don't. I'm curious about the numbers, the proportions. What share of the alien community WANTS to be permanent participating property owners -- life, liberty, and property, right? -- versus the share that basically seems to want to be parasites.

This goes back to the first question, cause it would seem a smart parasite with the option of either a fat and mostly healthy host versus a scant and struggling host would choose to move toward the fat one.