A 'Judgmental Churchgoer' Talks Bikers

Under the heading of honest soul-searching, an unlikely friendship prompts this article:
Fair Disclosure: I'm not part of the biker culture. In actuality, I'm a Middle American, fairly conservative, church girl. And I'll be the first to admit, I'm pretty darn judgmental. Always have been.

Yes, I know it's wrong. And yes, I'm working on it. Really I am. Feel free to check-in later for a progress update.

But I can assure you, I don't need a twelve-step recovery program. I'm already enrolled in the unofficial Sonny Barger, "Get-Over-Yourself-Candy-You're-Not-Better-Than-Anyone-Else," one step program.

How did that happen? Despite our vast differences, I've been close friends with Sonny for over three decades. And if there's one thing I know for sure -- he's a man of integrity.
It's on the misuse of the Patriot act to target bikers under Obama appointee Janet Napolitano, following similar abuses during her term as governor of Arizona.

UPDATE: By the way, in the Waco case, the DA finally gave in and agreed to turn over the evidence against one biker without requiring a mandatory oath from the defense attorney that he wouldn't talk to the press about it. It looks like they managed to get a lot of the other attorneys to sign, and the agreement with the one attorney just prevented a court from ruling that the DA's practice was illegal.


raven said...

Judgement sure gets a bad rap these days- no need to be apologetic about it- just look around and see what that "anything goes" BS has brought us.

Ymar Sakar said...

The Left often likes to proclaim that they are non judgmental. Yet their behavior puts the deception to that claim. They are judgmental. But they themselves do not judge. That would require Human Free Will. No, what they do is Obey. They are given an order to hate or like something, and They Obey That Order. That is Obedience, not Judgment. Judgment is a little bit of thinking for yourself and often requires independence of mind and fortitude.

You are not allowed to judge, when a higher authority tells you to shut up and Obey, and you actually Obey. That means you are not the judge, you become the executioner. The Left's Authorities do the judging, and the Leftist zombies obey that judgment. Literally, it is true their claim that they do not judge. But it is a deception nonetheless, it is a lie they tell to themselves, because they still had to make the judgment of whether to Obey their Orders or not. I presume they at least have that much willpower left, assuming zombies have any left that is.

Assumptions, presumptions, premises, and other things form the discussion on bad judgment vs good judgment. People need to talk about how to judge, to do it justice. Yet the more they ignore it... the more easy it is for the Authorities to get people to Obey their orders.

Callahan withdrew his request Tuesday from the court to compel the prosecutors to release evidence in his client’s case, as required by the Michael Morton Act. Callahan filed the motion last week after saying he had attempted on multiple occasions to get the information against his client, William Aikin, a biker charged in the May 17 Twin Peaks shootout.

Usually when I think about the timeline of such events, I remember Aruba. The delay is an intentional setup. It's designed to buy time to "cook the books", "disappear evidence", and come up with "fabricated claims" that bought judges will buy off on.

Cynical? Maybe. Accurate, often times though. Look up Aruba and what happened to those 3 "innocent boys under the Dutch father judge" btw, the story and conclusion are interesting to see.