Poor Target Selection

Granted that this man wasn't carrying either his machine-gun or his sniper rifle at the time, but what thief looks at this guy and thinks to himself, "Oh, yeah, of all the people in the city today this is the one I'm going to pick out to rob"?


ymarsakar said...

He actually does look like the Reaper from Jagged Alliance 2... haha, that is very funny.

They even have the same class and weapon use.

Young criminals are still inexperienced in "reading the vibes" from potential interviews. Or perhaps Reaper was vibrating at so high a level of peace and compassion, the mugger perceived this as non threatening and as a mark of weakness.

Not everyone seeking "high vibes" is in the weak category.

Ymar Sakar said...

That dream was a reflex point for his soul group.

Easier to deal with guilt in two man and mg teams. The kills are split between spottrt