Oklahoma Drivers

Kids these days -- can't even drive a wagon properly. What DO they teach them in school?

Well, thankfully, it seems no one was hurt.


Douglas2 said...

As children my sister and I both read the typewritten genealogy notes assembled by various relatives a few generations before.

Years later we worked out that she and I had very different understandings of what "killed by his team when returning from X" meant in relation to a mid-19th century great^x uncle, with me assuming road-accident, and she thinking murder.

That event in the video could have had much worse consequences than it did.

ymarsakar said...

It's not as easy a skill as the movies make it to be.

Driving a wagon is much more than just horsemanship.

ymarsakar said...

Generally speaking, wagons like that tend to be loaded up with stuff. The wheels may be designed strangely but, generally it wouldn't roll like that because the center of gravity on a half loaded wagon is a lot lower. And they are also far far longer/wider.

Which means when the wagon does tip over, people are easily crushed by it and then they die. Because there's no way to get the wagon off without mechanical tools or a bull.

The horses are fine. They are just racing each other, the wagon ended up upside down and the wheels still work... lol

Tom said...

Douglas2, that's funny. Thanks.