Home Again

Back from the road. There were three of the most beautiful days I can recall. The sunset of the last one looked like this, no filters nor edits.

That’s Stone Mountain in the background. All my life I’ve heard the old rhyme, “Red sky at morning, sailors take warning. Red sky at night, sailor’s delight.” Well, not this time brothers and sisters. That cloud formation indicates a weather change, and by Saturday Tex’s storm had blown in with a soaking like I’ve only rarely seen. Fortunately some old biker comrades had met me there, and we holed up with a bottle of Drambuie. It passed and Sunday was beautiful again.

I’m only home for a week or so, then I’ll be headed to DC in early November. Should see the best of the mountain color by then.


Gringo said...

October has the best weather, wherever you are. And usually the best colored scenery.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! The colors are just really getting going out here.


raven said...

Welcome back. Beautiful photo's ! Did you take the bike?
Much as I love the mountain west, the Appalachians will always feel like home. Adirondacks, is what we called them in yankeeland, but the mountains don't know the difference. Summers were spent in the worn and rolling hills of Connecticut, and the sterner mountains of New Hampshire and Maine. Ash, Elm, red and white oaks, Hickory and sugar maple and yellow and white birch and on and on, and lots of granite and quartz and feldspar sticking up everywhere. Unlike the temperate rain forest of the Cascades, there was a view through the understory for a hundred yards. Out here the only time a view is possible in the deep woods is when it is true virgin timber, dark from the towering firs and cedar and hemlock, where the shade cuts the brush. I walked those forests in my youth with axe and chainsaw, looking to reap the harvest of old cedar lying for salvage. A guy could make some good money then with a saw and a helicopter.
Hold the mountains in your heart when you go to DC, it might help keep you sane...!

Tom said...

Welcome back! Thanks for sharing the view.

Grim said...

"A guy could make some good money then with a saw and a helicopter."

How much is a helicopter? I'd think the money would have to be pretty good before you could even start!

raven said...

Remember the rules, "if it flies, rent don't buy"....I think we were paying $300-400 hr in 1974. something like that.
We flew the wood out in small sling loads, on a 200 foot long line. Skilled low level jungle pilots were common back then.

Grim said...

Yes, I suppose they would have been.

ymarsakar said...

Stone Mountain is a good place to meditate and cultivate at the top. The air, aether, from airplanes and mountains are pretty good for things like regeneration.

One group I went to was from out of state and wanted to see the tourist spots. I just went up there via the Skyhook, stayed until dusk, and attended the light show. Although I wasn't really interested in the night show, would have preferred to stay up top but the hook was going offline soon.