The Codevilla Tapes

Some of you will be interested in this.


Ymar Sakar said...

I was writing about shadow warrior police academy and look what just poped out. The camera guy sounds inexperienced but saner. Tall badge guy is well on the fear anger dark route.

Ymar Sakar said...

That is more long winded than i am.

At times it was like reading dune.

I have always questioned why i inherently refuse leadership positions. At first it was lack of confidence. Later i became more competent at leading but refused to. The times when they forced the situation, i made it temporary. But i could see my superior grasp of tactics, timing, multi tasking. In all ways better than my peers. And yet having others in a hierarchy below me or above pissed me off. Having to give orders was as insane as watch8ng incompetent leaders give me orders, which 8 carried out, and watched that sh storm hit exactly as i predicted.

After awakening to the existence of my divine family, i realized something. We do not use hierarchies. If we used it, we would have out powers and titles stripped. Teaching people one on one was fine. I loved that because it was a equal relationship.

The thing humanity will come to learn about left hand collective hierarchies is that it is always a fight for the alpha. And there exist more mighty enemies than America. Always someone stronger. This is their dark fall energy of farewell.

Ymar Sakar said...

Wilson fed rese4ve act.

9 11. Deep state. Cia. Fbi. Reinvestigate.

Lusitania, gulf of tonkin, pearl ha4bor, false flag nuclear ballistic missile from advanced stealth sub over hawaii.

Q anon.

Area 51.
2.1 trillion lost.