The Durham inquiry into the Russiagate conspiracy turns into a formal criminal investigation -- of the investigators of the Russiagate conspiracy.

My faith in the Department of Justice is not so very great that I have high hopes here, but I certainly long to see justice done in this matter. Good hunting, but be transparent and open with the people, and let the chips fall where they may.


Christopher B said...

but be transparent and open with the people

In this case I am inclined to think Durham and Barr should continue in the same quiet path they have been treading, until such time as they have completed their work.

ymarsakar said...

I am more interested in the human shenanigans that happened with christianity.

Texan99 said...

Durham has a long history and a solid gold reputation for going after powerful and well-connected people of either party, with no shenanigans and no sleaze in his techniques. He gets results the old-fashioned fair way.