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What happens to us doesn't have to make sense or be fair. What we do should make sense and be fair.
“You’re going to recover from this,” he remembered telling the doctor. “You’re going to be a doctor for the rest of your life, and you will use this experience to be a better doctor.”
We can substitute anything else for "doctor" in that advice.

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raven said...

Off the main thrust of the article, but with the current obsession on racial identity and victim status, Choao's rambling about being oppressed really stood out. Was he in effect, fertilized by the constant leftist racebaiting?

Lines like this- “Except more hypocrisy & scams, any real difference of civil rights in US today from 1930s’ Nazi Germany or Alabama before 1950s?”
-and this from a guy with a six figure income from Mt Sinai?
It has sort of become the gold standard, the pinnacle of complaints- when everything other excuse fails, go full race/sex/ oppression.