It Depends on What the Meaning of "Prevailing" Is

I kind of thought it was the other side that wanted this, but depending on how you define that one word, I guess Brokaw could be right.
NBC News’ Tom Brokaw claimed that President Donald Trump, and “some people on the right,” want “to destroy the prevailing culture in this country” during an interview....

"And I, you know — when I go out and talk to people in the West who are Trump voters, they said, 'We’re still with him. We think it’s your fault, talking about us,'" Brokaw said. "But then they’ll say, 'I wish he would just shut up for a while.' You know, that he ... has to talk about who he is and how great he is."
Well, good for you for listening, Tom. But maybe you should have asked them if they felt like they were trying to destroy the "prevailing" culture, or if in fact they thought that what you were doing was aimed at destroying the "prevailing" American culture.

I think the root of the dispute may be about which culture should prevail, and whether or not it will be necessary to destroy the other one in order to do it.

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