How'd that work out last time?

Some concerned people want to correct the Pope.


Grim said...

I think they won the last time.

"In the last years of John's pontificate there arose a dogmatic conflict about the Beatific Vision, which was brought on by himself, and which his enemies made use of to discredit him. Before his elevation to the Holy See, he had written a work on this question, in which he stated that the souls of the blessed departed do not see God until after the Last Judgment. After becoming pope, he advanced the same teaching in his sermons. In this he met with strong opposition, many theologians, who adhered to the usual opinion that the blessed departed did see God before the Resurrection of the Body and the Last Judgment, even calling his view heretical. A great commotion was aroused in the University of Paris when the General of the Minorites and a Dominican tried to disseminate there the pope's view. Pope John wrote to King Philip IV on the matter (November, 1333), and emphasized the fact that, as long as the Holy See had not given a decision, the theologians enjoyed perfect freedom in this matter. In December, 1333, the theologians at Paris, after a consultation on the question, decided in favour of the doctrine that the souls of the blessed departed saw God immediately after death or after their complete purification; at the same time they pointed out that the pope had given no decision on this question but only advanced his personal opinion, and now petitioned the pope to confirm their decision. John appointed a commission at Avignon to study the writings of the Fathers, and to discuss further the disputed question. In a consistory held on 3 January, 1334, the pope explicitly declared that he had never meant to teach aught contrary to Holy Scripture or the rule of faith and in fact had not intended to give any decision whatever. Before his death he withdrew his former opinion, and declared his belief that souls separated from their bodies enjoyed in heaven the Beatific Vision."

douglas said...

Better to want to correct the Pope than the canon. The Pope wasn't even ex cathedra here, not even close.

Still, this is concerning, particularly some of the reactions to those who pointed this out in the first place.

We will see how the Pope handles this issue. So far I am unimpressed.

Ymar Sakar said...

Since the Pope is merely the Patriarch of Rome and not the Vicar of Christ, it doesn't matter whether he is correct or not. He has no authority over those outside of Rome.

Ymar Sakar said...

The Roman Catholics are mistaken in this at least. The Vatican determines who the heretics are and how many get burned. Not the other way around. This civil war in the Roman Catholic organization is interesting.