SMALL PACKAGES, BIG BANG: Personal Defense Weapons


"The modern version of the slingshot." Heh.

It was easy to keep all rounds on target while firing on full-auto, albeit at short range. While it looks highly unconventional at first glance, the P90 is actually well-balanced, ergonomic (non-snag), and quick to shoulder/point.
I'm not convinced, in spite of these good features. Obviously someone decided that our forces could not be taught to hit anything even if their lives depended on it. Why else would you try to put together a "pistol sized" automatic weapon, in .22 caliber (5.7mm)? The hope is to put ten rounds roughly on target at CQB range, but isn't it better to put one round right where you want it?

Go back to the .45, says I. It's training, not fancy toys, that is wanted.

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