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The Navy At Work:

Best of the Web runs this AP headline:

'U.S. Navy Makes Skirts Optional for Women'
BotW wonders if this won't distract the men. As any student of Marine Corps / Navy jokes knows, however, the answer is...

As Grim's Hall is a family site, that sentence will not be concluded. Still, Marines in the audience are grinning broadly.

(Similar adolescent humor: One evening, hanging around with a couple of soldiers and some former Marines at a jujitsu club in Gainesville, GA, a debate arose over which service was better. One of the women there, Renee, said, "This is just silly. Everyone knows the services go hand in hand." To which former Marine sergeant Ken Caton replied...)

Really, military humor is just unprintable. I apologize to everyone for this walk down memory lane.

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